James Allison heading for Honda

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    So rumour has it James Allison could be headed for Honda to design a car to test their new V6 in. Honda won’t be restricted by the testing ban because they are no part of F1 as of yet, which would mean unlimited testing in their case. Would the other constructors really allow this? Is there anything they could do about this? If Honda can go testing all year in 2014 we might see them instantly dominate in 2015… thoughts?

    Multiple websites are reporting this btw.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    If Honda can go testing all year in 2014 we might see them instantly dominate in 2015… thoughts?

    Highly unlikely. Aerodynamic grip contributes far more to outright performance than engine development. As we’ve seen, the Renault engine is the most under-powered of the four currently in use, but Red Bull are consistently the fastest.



    Because there’s barely any difference between the V8-engines that have been frozen for years now. The whole “Mercedes has the most powerful engine” is crap to me, I’ve never seen any numbers, just people repeating what others are saying.



    I heard on Radio Le Mans’ Midweek Motorsport show that Honda will be putting their new F1 engine in the back of their various LMP cars to test it, gaining the engine thousands of miles of testing.



    I think those rumors might be based on what they did in 1999, but then they had the honest intention of debuting as a works team in 2000. Not to mention, the economy was much different then, I can’t imagine Honda throwing millions at a car just to test their 2015 engine.



    Jenson Button will be hoping he hurries up and gets the car designed, preferably this season…

    This sounds more like a project while Allison is between Lotus and a mysterious next job in F1 to me – a bit like James Key and the Lotus LMP2 car (the one they’re racing this year, which seemed to appear between him leaving Sauber and starting with Toro Rosso).



    Or Allison goes back to Lotus in 2015, bringing an engine with him…



    James Allison is heading to Ferrari according to the Scuderia forum.

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