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    If Sky were to offer a motor sports channel which included F1 in the basic deal how many would sign up. From their web page the Basic package is GBP 19.50 or GBP 29.75 for the HD option. The basic option would then price the cost at GBP 23.40 per race for the 10 races not covered by the BBC. (HD 35.70)

    My thinking is they would get many more people to sign up and therefore BSkyB would make more money, than having F1 on one of their normal sports channels, which cost a fortune, (GBP 20.25). The cost for each of the sky covered races if you had to pay for the sports channels and wanted HD is GBP 60/race.




    Depending on he other motorsports I probably would- if I could afford it which I can’t. 240 quid on TV every year when I currently don’t spend anything (licence fee excluded, and that’s split between housemates) isn’t something I can justify. After uni when I have more disposable income I probably would if that was available- although I’d still be disgusted that a sport as big as F1 wasn’t completely free to air.



    It is just my thoughts, because where I am at the moment we actually cannot receive satellite TV directly, so for me and I would also struggle with the payments as I am now retired and what spare cash I thought I would have has been taken away due to energy costs, increase in VAT and all the other price rises.

    It would also mean, if I did sign up, through Virgin I wouldn’t be able to go to Silverstone or take the planned trip to Spa next year.


    Alianora La Canta

    It wouldn’t work out for Sky due to the number of people likely to be interested. Even the basic packages can’t get a million viewers for their top programs, so there’s no reason to believe F1 will do better, and Sky loses a lot of revenue for the lack of additional package sales. Even if Sky puts it on Sky Sports, it would still need between 0.5 and 0.88 million people to buy the package and only watch F1 on it. If the Sky Sports weren’t being made a pre-requisite, it would need a lot, lot more, and it’s not going to get them because for a lot of people, getting a system incompatible with the competing digital conversion system they own is a cost too far.



    I was reading that sky may put f1 on sky sports one?I feel as a fan that im not likely to pay more then i do now for sky.I,ve not got sky sports as my football team is brentford fc and so not on tv often.But i see that sky has not yet got the rights to air f1 yet,plus theres nothing wrong with the bbc show.If it a,nt broke etc……

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