Kamui Kobayashi and his bright future

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    I would have put this in the silly season thread, but seeing as its not even a rumour (just something I thought of off the top of my head) I though it would be more suited to here. So I was thinking, that Ferrari will probably give Massa one more year and if he doesn’t do anything special with the new Pirellis then they will need a replacement. I’d love to see Kubica in a Ferrari, but I wouldn’t want him to play second fiddle to Alonso, so he can bide his time at Renault. Meanwhile, who would fill the second driver seat at Ferrari? Well, next year Kobayashi will be the first driver in a Ferrari-engined car. If he does well, then he’s bound to spark even more attention than he already has. What do you think to him being second driver at Ferrari in 2012 next to Alonso? Would a spell at Maranello calm him down (meaning he actually finishes all races) but in a race-winning car?



    I personally can’t see that happening – for two reasons. The first is simply that I think Kubica will go to Ferrari. The second is that Ferrari have their young drivers program and I’d imagine they’d consider those drivers first.

    I’m also not entirely convinced about Kobayashi yet. I know thats not the popular opinion, but a lot of his overtakes are simply lunges and I think he’s been quite lucky that he hasn’t been turned in on more. Having said that, he’s a lot of fun to watch and is certainly providing a lot of entertainment!



    I’m a bit confused here. Isn’t Kobayashi already driving a Ferrari-engined car? So how would next year be any different in that regard?

    That said, Ferrari rarely goes for young and talented (Massa a rare exception to the rule). It’s more likely that Kobayashi wins somewhere else first (Renault?) before he gets the call from Maranello.



    I read it as first (i.e. number 1) driver. But you’re right, its confusing.



    Before this weekend I would have though any move to Ferrari by Kubica would be nuts. But now Horner’s admitted Red Bull will be built around Vettel, going there would be even crazier.

    Kobayashi to Ferrari would be a very good move though, or even to Red Bull so they can have both the Crash Kid and Kamui Kamikaze.



    No but it is an interestign question about his future as I’m not sure what top team he could fit in. Kubica or Massa would be the best betfor Ferrari or even Webber. Kobayashi is a tad overrated in my opinion. I like the guy and he could be a winner but he’s usually going bonkers in the race because he’s so dreadul at qualifying sometimes. Nick was only a tenth of his time on Saturday for example. Kobayashi needs a lot more time before he can get to Ferrari and they have their own driver development programme anyway.



    Surprised to see you down on Kobayashi Steph when he’s a lot like Massa used to be. And Heidfeld might have been out for the best part of the year, but is it so surprising a competent veteran should be so close to a rookie even after 10 months out?



    Maybe not but I was surprised. Heidfeld may be experienced but not in that car with those tyres. I was pleasantly surprised by him.

    I’m not that down on him. I admit I’m not in love with him but he is exciting and he has a good future ahead of him but I do think he really needs work especially at qualifying. I think Massa was a touch more wild but I can see the similarities so may be I should like him more but I really thought Massa needed time too when he first came in to F1.



    I admit Kobayashi is a bit reckless, but he’s only slightly worse than Hamilton in his first season, also Steph you mention the Ferrari driver development which is all very well and good, but can you see any of their young drivers in an F1 seat in the next year or two, let alone showing Ferrari quality (Ferrari do always prefer experienced drivers)? For me there are a few pros and cons for each side;


    As previously mentioned, he is still too crazy, Ferrari tend to recruit balanced/cool drivers.

    Massa would seem (in this ones’ good opinion) to have earned a few extra years at Ferrari.

    Kubica is on top form.

    Alonso might not like the idea of an ambitious, talented and crazy young driver being his team mate for a second time.


    He is driving the Ferrari engine.

    Sauber could then have a spare seat for a Ferrari development driver, I for one could personally see this being a strong long term partnership.

    Ferrari would love to fly the flag for Asia, and thus increase their recognition and support to unprecedented levels in the east, you know how much they love developing their brand.

    Doesn’t it just sound right? Kobayashi at Ferrari…



    No I don’t see them in a drive for ages Chippie. Their best bet is Bianchi for being in a ferrari seat the quickest but he needs at least one more season in GP2 then will probably be plonked in a Sauber. Massa or Kubica should fill the seat then Bianchi can have a go esp whenever Alo decides to retire although he could go on for ages yet. I don’t think Kobayashi has any room in Ferrari’s plans



    As Chippie I think of Kobayashi as bit more reckless version of Hamilton. Sometimes the equal each other. Like Hamiltons move on Massa at Monza was just stupid. When that is said, I think the reason to Kobayashi being so reckless, is that he has a mentality that he has to show his worth everytime he has a possibility to do so. He so badly want to be recognised that he uses every chance he gets. I adore him for that, but I think now that we have seen that he has the courage, he should back off just a little bit and start improving his qualifying performances. Also I would quite have liked to see him make HIS debut in a WCC-contender car like Hamilton did. Would have been interesting.

    As to the thought of him going to Ferrari. I do not see that happening. Ferrari have now completely destroyed Massa winner mentality, and I think if Alonso wins the championship this year, they will become the new Barichello – Schumacher. And we know that works well for Ferrari.



    Kobayashi will have many places to go after 2011.Ferrari, Red Bull Mclaren (can anyone confirmed) Renault or even Mercedes if Schumacher wants to end his contract before 2012! He is already to many teams shopping list. So he needs to perform constantly so that the big teams can buy him.



    I consider Kobayashi a great talent. He reminds me of my country-fellowman Jos Verstappen and Ralf Schumacher. Both, if I recollect correctly, also had a problem finishing races in their first full season. Both had what Kobayashi seems to have, a superior instinct and drive to overtake and defend. This makes him reckless at times indeed. But I like the aggressive sons of bitches still better than those clean fast boys who need to start at pole or they aren’t anywhere at all at the end of the race… Btw, the guy’s a great commercial asset too. Japan is quite crazy about Formula 1 and according to the main sportspapers of Japan, like Sanspo and Nikkan, their greatest talents (Takuma Sato, Kazuki Nakajima – perhaps even Tsugio Matsuda and Satoshi Motoyama) didn’t get much if any chance in a decent F1-ride.

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