Kimi to replace Kubica?

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    I know it is a tad bit heartless to suggest this, but wouldn’t Kimi be a perfect replacement for Kubica? Shame Renault kind of fell out with him last season when they were forever abusing his name for investment and interest reasons, but still, all the best to Kubica and this could be a gap for Kimi to muscle his way back in??!!



    ARE YOU TOTALLY IGNORANT or just kinda stupid? NO Kimi wont be back, because LRGP have a huge line up of test and reserve and third drivers. Kimi isn’t even on the list. Think about things before you post them, I’ve noticed a lot of people have forgotten how to use their brain…



    firstly, lets keep this to the other thread that was just started a while ago.

    Secondly, stop arguing, try and have a sensible discussion.



    I am begging you people not to have argument such like this, lets now pray that Kubica become well then we will have huge amount of time to discuss as what will happen next.



    Senna will replace Kubica if it’s for 3 or 4 races. But what if it’s for the whole season? Or what if Kubica can never drive again (I hope that’s not the case, I hope he’ll be back soon). If it’s like that, then Senna is not good enough a replacement, Renault need someone with technical knowledge and experience. Heidfeld, Kovalainen and Glock are surely better at that than Bruno, who’s only had one f1 season with HRT.



    Lol at ‘just because I am black’ wtf? Sounds like same racism defence some of those Lewis fanboys on other forums are always shouting. I don’tknow how anyone is supposed to know the colour of anyones skin on a text based forum



    Crikey, Even Chandhock is better than Senna.



    Kimi would be rumoured to become King of England if the Queen died. Yawn.



    Everyone’s going on about Kimi for the obvious reason of class. He had it, Senna definatley doesn’t. Grosjean might have it, Hulkenburg’s shown flashes, but we are all aware that there’s no replacing Kubica right now. Raikkonen really would be their best option, so the interent moot’s it, but, unfortunatley in a way, it’s just impossible.

    Seems such a waste of a promising car to give it to Senna.


    sbl on tour

    kimi, what sponsor would want him back, the lads a liability on that front



    Wow, Johngreen, that is surely the most mature and intelligent comment I’ve ever read on this site… Oh wait.

    I think they should give Senna a go, and even though it doesn’t guarantee success, I seem to recall he was pretty nifty in GP2 a few years back. Tbh, I don’t think anyone would look good in the HRT, so we should wait until (if) he drives a better car before saying he’s crap. :)


    Keith Collantine
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