Kobayashi deserves a shot

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    Most of you will be aware that Perez will get a Ferrari test later this year.

    My question is:

    Why Perez??

    Surely Kobayashi deserves a go in a Ferrari. Hes quick and and has driven some brilliant races this year. And nearly got on the podium in Monaco and Montreal. I say give Kamui a test.

    Yes I’m a big Kobayashi fan.



    Kobayashi is proving himself as a very good driver, but the reason Ferrari are giving Perez a chance is because he was from their development program. Kobayashi was supposed to be from Toyota’s development program.



    David A is 1000% correct. Toyota rewarded Kobayashi’s talent with a testing role and then a race seat. The fact that the team folded is unfortunate for Kamui, but you can’t blame Ferrari for being loyal to their own development drivers.



    @david A, AND GeeMac yes I understand what you are saying, but if Ferrari are looking for a new driver surely Kobayashi is a better option than Perez.


    Dan Thorn

    I’m not so sure. Perez is often matching Kobayashi in both qualifying and the races. He has less points in the championship, but that’s due to a number of reasons, only one of which is lack of experience. As good as Kamui is I reckon Perez could well be a better long term prospect.



    I wouldn’t say Perez is matching Kobayashi, Kobayashi often outqualifies Perez and finishes higher in the races. Perez’s distaste for pitting is what gets him up the field in the races. I’m not saying Perez isn’t quick, Perez has some serious raw speed, but I think Kobayashi has the edge. Lets not forget that Kobayashi has only had a season and two races of racing experience prior to this year. They both clearly have long term futures in Formula One, and I expect to see both of them racing for top teams in the future.



    The test with Perez may not be a chance at a better seat but rather Ferrari just seeing how far one of their drivers has come along.

    I don’t think Kobayashi deserves a shot at a bigger team just yet. His qualifying performances can be really poor in my opinion and although he’s very exciting I just don’t think he’s that quick.


    Ned Flanders

    Perez is in Ferrari’s young driver program, Kobayashi isn’t. Simple

    I agree with Dan too, I rate Perez more highly. They’ve been quite evenly matched so far this season, but as he’s a rookie that says more for Perez than it does for Kobayashi. Also, we can’t just ignore the inconvenient fact that Kobayashi bombed in GP2, not once but twice. If he was a truly world class driver, surely he wouldn’t have such a stain on his CV?…



    Kobayashi won GP2 Asia didn’t he? Considering that Kobayashi is doing well in Formula One, I don’t think employers are going to worry too much about him not doing great in GP2.



    I am with slr on this one. I wouldn’t like to see Koba in a Ferrari tough, unless he has the balls to refuse playing the no. 2 driver role to Alonso (in case he gets to match his performance, which I reckon is not easy at all). But maybe is not the right time for him just yet, Sauber is doing well so far, it’s not that he is in a Virgin or HRT, it’s just that he is not in the top teams.



    You guys haven’t noticed the facts that Kamui has a great race pace. And has managed to score points at nearly every race this year. As for qualifying lets remember he is in a mid-field Sauber. He is also not seconds of his team mates pace when he is out-qualified, just a tenth or two, otherwise he is usually beating him.

    Also he nearly got on the podium at Monaco and Montreal. He was also last year constantly beating both PdR and Heidfeld.



    I wouldn’t like to see Koba in a Ferrari tough, unless he has the balls to refuse playing the no. 2 driver role to Alonso

    Come on people, why do you keep saying sentences that give the impression you live in a illusion or that you’re not talking about the same sport?

    you do know that whatever you mean by “playing the no. 2 driver role” is not refusable, right?

    First there’s no such thing as being nr2 driver “a priori”. Both drivers, whatever they are, whatever the team, start a season in equal terms. Then, as the season develops, if one driver has the edge over the other, he will be prefered, at least in teams that fight for the drivers championship.

    Sometimes exceptional drivers have more potential to bring better results, even if in the first two or three races they are not leading the teammate, examples being Schumacher, Alonso, or even Vettel last year (that’s why even having only a small advantage in points over his teammate by midseason he was given the remaining new front wing for the weekend; Red Bull trust him more to deliver in the long-term, which he eventually did, by being champion).

    Because it’s a team, and no one is bigger than the team, no driver has the right to refuse anything. A driver is a member of the team and he becomes Champion for that team. And they, by contract, are obliged to obbey the teams orders when related to their job, as, of course, any working contract, wherever you go.

    So, no point in living in the illusion that a “driver will refuse to be nr2 to Alonso”. He won’t.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    if Ferrari are looking for a new driver surely Kobayashi is a better option than Perez.

    Who says they are?

    As has been stated, both Perez and Bianchi are a part of Ferrari’s driver development programme. For all we know, the test they have been given is a part of that program to get them experience with the team, and not an actual audition for a Ferrari race seat.


    Felipe Bomeny

    As far as Massa-replacement theories, Ferrari are better off with Felipe: he brings home solid points, always follows team orders, and has experience. The only driver who I think could replace Massa would be Rosberg, but if Ferrari wanted him, they’d try much harder. Plus, Alonso could veto Rosberg just like Piquet vetoed Senna and Senna in turn vetoed Warwick. I am not ruling Perez from am F1 drive, but it is unlikely for Ferrari to sign an inexperienced driver; it is not in thier character. This is just an FDA evaluation.



    I think they will only replace Massa if by a superstar, someone capable of taking the fight to Fernando or at least of pushing him a bit harder. Kubica for instance. To put someone who’s not guarented of doing that, just bring points home for the WCC like Massa, they will rather keep him, because he belongs to the family, he’s a very likable guy and all those reasons.

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