kobayashi's Pit Stop

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    Just got a question regarding late pit stops, such as Kobayashi yesterday:

    As Kobayashi’s pit box was before the start finish line, could he of come in on the last lap, then crossed the finish in the pit lane, as this would of saved him quite some time?



    Don Speekingleesh

    No. I think they have to do a lap on each tire compound.


    Ned Flanders

    That’s probably illegal… although Michael Schumacher got away with it at Silverstone 1998…


    Don Speekingleesh

    Schumacher only got away with it because the stewards made a mess of issuing the penalty.

    The rule is 25.4(e): Unless he has used intermediate or wet-weather tyres during the race, each driver must use at least

    one set of each specification of dry-weather tyres during the race.

    So KOB could have tried to get away with it.



    I wondered this during the race too.



    I think he could have got away with it you know..

    Rules say nothing about completing a full lap on them – only that they have to be used.



    “Rules say nothing about completing a full lap on them – only that they have to be used. “

    Mattclinch is perfectly correct, in this statement, and Ned and Don are incorrect that Schumacher accomplished it only because the Stewards failed in ruling correctly.

    There is no try to get away with it, or get away with it. Simply put, as Mattclinch stated, the rules do not specify any minimum number of laps that a compound must be used, only that each of the 2 compounds must be used.

    As soon as someone DOES use this effectively to their advantage in a race-winning or really any podium finish, be certain the regs will be changed. Formula 1 simply can’t allow any such innovation or individuality. It is, after all, a ‘spec’ series.

    [hint:use Webster’s Unabridged to look up ‘sarcasm’ ]



    I looked up ‘sarcasm’ in Webster’s Unabridged, and it’s had a link to this page.. odd ;-)



    In case a driver started on harder tyres, could he pit and put softer tyres on, remove them the same second and get a new set of harder tyres on? The rule doesn’t seem to say anything in specific, so maybe that would be okay too. Not sure.



    The rule states that you have to us both compounds for at least one lap in the race, so to answer lamo2741 question I have to say that No.


    Don Speekingleesh

    I posted the rule above – there is no mention of having to do a lap.



    Pitting on the final lap, when you enter the pits, it is technically the finish line, not the actual start finish line on the track. Therefore he would not have dne a single lap on them, and completed the race before entering his pit box.

    This is how Schumacher ‘served’ the penalty technically post race, and now how late race incidents are now time penalties rather than on track

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