Kubica to miss Bahrain

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    So, there’s broken bones and he’ll miss the start of the season, and BBC F1 seems to think he might not ever return. Who’re we backing for his seat in Bahrain?

    Senna and Grosjean the obvious choices from the current reserves, but is this a door for Hulkenberg or Liuzzi to get a race seat?

    Personally I think Group Lotus will have an influence and it’ll be Senna, because the name is evocative in a Lotus car.



    I’d rather not discuss until we know he’s going to be OK


    Have some respect lucas…



    I’m not sure its fair to criticise another member for posting the question. This is after all an F1 forum and we are all fans here – its implied that we wish Kubica a speedy recovery and hope that he gets better. There is however, nothing that we can do about it.

    Personally, I don’t think this is the end of Kubica’s career. He’s a great racer and he’ll be back, injurys permitting. By the sounds of it he’ll be out until the European season – so i’d guess that Senna will be in the car as he has the most recent experience. Then again, i’d also say that Grosjean is a faster driver. Perhaps Renault will have a shootout between the two to find out.

    The other option would be to have a new driver come in, but to do that would be to defy the point of a reserve driver in my opinion. As much as i’d like to see someone like Heidfeld have a go, Senna and Grosjean are contracted to and therefore should rightfully have the seat.



    There are concerns his hand may be compromised. This would mean it would be very hard for him to return. I hope it’s not so bad.






    Kimi wont be coming back, he only wants a front runner car yet he doesn’t help much in development and usually lacks motivation when he is in an off podium position. It doesn’t seem like he is interested anyways. I think Lotus Renault will use either Bruno or Grosjean but like someone said earlier, have a shoot out.


    Bradley Downton

    So latest reports on Eurosport state:

    ‘The greatest fear is for the Poles hand, which has reportedly been crushed and risks requiring amputation. The other concern is that following an F3 accident back in 2003 that left him with a broken arm, should the latest injury complicate that fracture, it could seriously endanger or even destroy his F1 career’.

    Link here:http://uk.eurosport.yahoo.com//06022011/23/updae-robert-kubica-condition.html

    This doesnt look at all promising and this is gutting because i was backing Kubica for a shot at the title this year and now his career could be over. A crushed hand, yeash, i dont think he’ll be in Bahrain. As for replacement it wont be Kimi, he’s committed to WRC and vowed not to come back.

    Eric Boullier stated it would be Senna and for anyone the prospect of Senna’s yellow helmet in a black and gold liveried Lotus-Renault is mouthwatering. And more importantly Money-Making.



    This is a really sad day for all F1 fans. Kubica has always been amongst my favourite drivers, and I was waiting for him to seal his first championship. Now there are rumours that he might never be able to race again. I hope that he is fit enough to get into a formula 1 car at some point of time. It would be heartbreaking if he didn’t ever return. We can do nothing but hope for the best for Robert.

    If Lotus Renault have to replace him, they should go for Heidfeld. Heidfeld would give them the experience and consistency required. If not, then Senna.



    This is truly horrible, I hope he’s back soon, an it all looked so promising. Nothing we can do unfortunatley.

    Regardless, as per his seat, it seems like an massive waste for Renault to be racing Petrov and Senna in a car of such obvious promise. Senna was clearly put foward to be third driver without any intention of ever actually calling him. You can’t replace a talent like Kubica’s but I hope they give the seat to someone with an actual shot of victory.


    sbl on tour

    i.m surprised the regie let him rally in the first place, cos it looking a bit pear shaped for the regie now (sorry, lotus or what ever your name is)



    Just read that Alonso flew to the hospital to check out on Robert. I say thats a caring friend.



    If thats true dpod, thats a great little snippet that actually is something I wouldn’t have expected Alonso to do.

    Lets hope he gets better soon. According to James Allen it could be up to 6 months – which is far greater than I was expecting. I’d say that Renault will have to think v seriously about who there number one driver will be now. While I still think that contractually they should offer it to Senna or Grosjean, I can now empathise that if it will be for the majority of a season that someone new might come in.

    Heidfeld, Kimi (extremely unlikely), Liuzzi (how much of a break for him would that be after Force India!), Di Grassi and De La Rosa are the options that I can think of at the moment other than the test drivers. Wouldn’t surprise me if someone like Glock was in the frame too.


    Bradley Downton

    Latest update from Eurosport:


    @sw6569 – Alonso has indeed visited the hospital but it doesnt surprise, they are great friends.

    His hand is still being treated :/, doesnt seem good news.

    And, Senna is most likely replacment still.



    His hand is alive, but only in one week we will know if it will survive. If it does, he will recover in one year, so he will certainly miss Bahrain and very probably all the season.

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