Kubica vs, Rosberg

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    So, who do you think is the better driver?



    That’s a hard one. Both are very fast and equals to the likes of Button or Vettel.

    Rosberg is pratically a robot in the grid at least this year when it comes to driving consistency and not commiting errors of any kind. On the down side his race starts almost always mean staying at the same place or moving down on the grid and he’s not the best overtaker ever, so to speak.

    Kubica is a more agressive pilot and seems to grow in skill when the car is up to something good like Schumi or Button. He’s also a great overtaker and very consistent.

    In the end I think they are evenly matched when it comes down to skills. Put them on equal conditions and I think you’d see Kubica having an advantage when he’s motivated but Rosberg coming ahead most of times because of strategy.



    i think its pretty impossible to rate them against each other but i’d probably say Kubica.

    Why? Rosberg was good last year and this year, but never consistently so. Kubica hasn’t had a bad race for a long time.

    Still though, fairly difficult to rate either above the other



    Both never had a really competitive team mate but both look handy. Impossible to say for me because of their lack of a really strong partner. They’re either under rated or over and I’m inclined to go with the former. I would say Kubica. He did have quick Nick and well he’s linked to Ferrari so he must be alright ;P



    This year i think Kubica so far but in history Rosberg



    It’s a very good question (probably born out of my comments in the other thread). Kubica certainly stands out more- he’s gained several podiums in what is supposed to be a midfield car and done very well on the so-called “driver circuits” like Monaco, Suzuka and Spa. Meanwhile, Rosberg has quietly got on with an incredibly tough job at Mercedes GP, and gained several good podiums of his own.

    In the same car, I feel that Kubica would be slightly faster when the car is good (akin to his superb results in 08, as opposed to 07 and 09), but Rosberg would be better strategically and do the better job when the car isn’t doing so well. Rosberg by a hair.



    Neither, yet!



    *Looks at Avatar*





    Eh, probably Kubica, in the two years when his car was worth the effort he regularly stole the show, Rosbergs car was faster than Kubicas for much of the season, an I can’t really think of a time when Rosberg was actually preassured for his podium.

    Of his three podiums this year China is the only outstanding performance an he lost out because of a mistake while comfortably holding Button, in both Malaysia and Silverstone it was more he did a solid job and everyone else took themselves out of it.

    Whereas Kubica has had to really fight tooth and nail, under preassure from cars with far superior performance, Aus, and has pulled it off.

    Probably not much in it, but I suspect Kubica would comfortably best him over a season.


    Felipe Bomeny

    Renault has the better car; that clown Petrov is the reason why Renault isn’t ahead of Mercedes. Rosberg has been doing a stellar job this season, and so is Kubica, and both are consistent. It’s a draw for me, because Rosberg is ahead of Kubica in the WDC, but Kubica is faster, and it comes down to speed (Kubica) and strategy (Rosberg). However, Rosberg thoroughly beat Kubica last year, and he certainly has speed. He’s making less errors, and so, for now, he has the upper edge. Sorry, Polish fans.



    Any thread that is Driver X vs Driver Y will encourage mostly completely subjective posts. I think until they driver for the same team perhaps one day we won’t know, all I know is they’re different.

    Also someone said above Kubica is the more aggressive driver whereas Rosberg makes no mistakes – wouldn’t you say that about Kubica as well?



    Well for all the fan-fare about Kubica, he was outscored by Heidfeld last year (and it could of been worse if full points had been handed out in malaysia). Further proof that Heidfeld deserved a drive!

    I think if I had to place money on it, Kubica seems to be moulding himself into a great team leader. Therefore as an F1 driver, I see him having more sucess.



    Tough call as neither of them got a WC winning car to drive so far, but may be I will go for Kubica for his natural talent.



    For me, they’re both etter drivers than Vettel and Button, but I’d just go for Kubica. I think he’s the most likely to be a champion.



    I think that Kubica is the better driver.

    I think that Webber showed that he was the better driver than Rosberg when they were at Williams and i consider Kubica to be the slightly better driver than Webber.

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