Kvyat's illegal push start

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    I don’t know where to post this, so I just post on F1 Forum topic. While Kvyat is venting his fury at FIA stewards, mistakes were in fact made, but in another way. Articles 36.5 and 36.6 of Sporting Regulations states:

    If any driver needs assistance after the 15 second signal he must raise his arm and, when the
    remainder of the cars able to do so have left the grid, marshals will be instructed to push the
    car into the pit lane.

    Marshals will be instructed to push any car (or cars) which remain on the grid into the pit lane
    by the fastest route immediately after cars able to do so have left the grid.

    It is pretty clear and it has been always the same. Yet today, they push-started him and he was able to re-take his position. I never seen it before and it was clearly not correct. He wasn’t penalised for that, only for a failure to re-establish position before safety car line.

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