Legard- your time is up

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    I think it’s very telling when said ‘Messers’ Legard can’t even pronounce the name of the sport correctly.

    It’s ‘form-YOU-la-one’, John, not ‘form-LEE-ah-one’.

    And whenever he’s come to the end of his sentence, and you can hear Martin gasping for air in the background, ready to make a comment of his own, Legard clearly sees this microsecond pause as too much dead-air, and feels the need to fill it immediately with is what is 99% of the time inane drivel.

    It’s at times like these that I stand up from the sofa and yell ‘shut up’ over and over at the TV until he does, before sitting down to listen to whatever pearl of wisdom Martin has to let slip.

    He really hasn’t improved in the year and a half in the job, and clearly many many people think so. I’ll be very disappointed if he’s still talking at us in 2011.


    Mark Hitchcock

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he is dropped for 2011. However much we dislike him, it was fair to give him a second year to see if he got over his first-season-jitters. But now that many people still can’t stand him it’s time to give someone else a chance.



    I’m going to have to say something obvious now,


    Everyone says that but I turned over and it’s not F1 specific coverage they switch over to talk about football matches and other sports.



    Why should we have to wait until then? He never should have got a second season in the first place, it just shows they are totally out of touch with the viewers……. utterly obtuse and oblivious.



    I gave Legard a chance last year, and gave up after 3 or 4 races, thankfully I had access to 5live 75% of the time for the remainder. He is a good blogger, and off-mike, knows his stuff.

    In the commentary box, he’s a disaster, and he’s not getting better. My two unforgivable sins that he’s committed recently are both examples of why Martin Brundle is a better commentator, and honestly makes me feel pity for the man to be stuck in the same box as Legard. Both are nothing to do with the transition from radio to tv, nothing to do with slips of the tongue or heat of the moment, they’re both just sheer brainless unprofessional commentating.

    At Turkey, when Martin, Ted, DC, Eddie all discussed that they’d love to be a fly on the Red Bull pitwall if Vettel came out – the camera was right there, and we could see Vetter talking to the team and his engineer. Could we hear it? NO! Because Legard was talking over it, telling us vital things like “There’s Vettel on the Red Bull Pitwall” and “That’s his engineer (whoever) there, that he’s talking to right now, that you can see”. YOU ********* ***** **** *** *** ********* ****, Legard. Aaaargh! Then at that golden moment before the winners step out onto the podium, and there’s a few unscripted unguarded moments where they talk about the race – he was badgering Martin with stupid questions, and we couldn’t hear it. Same again this week – talking over the drivers before the podium.

    The “messers”, “pushing on”, “what can he do here”, “will it be enough”, “WHAT’S GOING ON HERE?”, “blah from blah from blah from blah” is annoying, but the above is just unforgivable in my view. It shows a total lack of understanding for what the job is – compared to Jake Humphrey’s instant, instinctive presentation it’s embarrassing. Never mind what we the public think, and whether we hassle the BBC to change him – the producers of the show must surely see this sort of thing and feel professionally disappointed. Particularly when the 5 Live team of Ant & Crofty are so excellent.

    I was glad to see Ant’s last appearance on the Forum actually – he got on much much better this time, and you can see how his commentating has given him more confidence and ability. His discussion of “Why, was Lewis surprised to see Jenson” was both prescient, articulate, and well presented.



    pushing on now…

    here he is then…

    and other inane rubbish. agree his time is up.



    It pretty much sounds like the dutch commentators here. The french comment on RTBF is either assisted by d’Ambriosio or by an ex-Honda engineer or an ex-autosportspilot. Sounds like having someone like Di Resta or a similar co-commentator might be good.

    Seeing how legendary this man is, I’m going to watch a BBC stream on the internet for Valencia :)



    I’ve been back living in Italy for 5 years now and I’ve only heard Legard two or three times since. It is very easy to be critical about these things and many here won’t remember how annoying Murray Walker could be. He could also be good but the times a car was stuffed into the wall and he would say ‘is that a problem’ or ‘has something happened’. James hunt was the voice of F1 for many years and Murray was the side kick. I know he has become a national treasure but it was not always that good with him. He was always mentally patriotic talking about drivers in 15th an 20th position instead of the top 10. I loved and hated him. Legard when I’ve heard his just seems to shout very obvious facts and tries to create drama when there is none. We are all fanatics and thus will never be happy with the commentators as of us they are not technical enough.


    Ned Flanders

    I’ve just copy and pasted Magnificent Geoffrey’s excellent Legard poem from a couple of weeks ago, I think it deserves a place in this thread:

    Down the hill,

    And towards turn one,

    Jenson BUTT-on,

    Pushes on.

    Pole for Ferrari,

    Is going to be tough,

    Here comes Fernando,


    Webber is flying,

    But so too is Vettel,

    As Nico Rosberg,

    Is joining the battle.


    Is that a Ferrari?!

    Nope, its actually,

    Jaime Alguersuari.

    SOOT-il has lost it,

    And KOO-bica too!

    That was the last thing

    They needed to do!

    Im sorry there Martin,

    Youll just have to wait,

    Ive just been informed,

    That Petrov is eighth.

    Hamilton wins!

    Hell surely be happy,

    But will he be champion,

    Come Abby-Dabby?

    Beautiful. Shakespeare-esque, I would say



    Oh Legard, he gets so excited when theres an overtake, poor old Brundle must be sick of hearing him.



    Haha there’s so many negatives totting up against Legard, I can’t stand his commentary either but everything’s already been said, so instead I’ll say a mention a plus point, it’s funny when he ‘woofs’ haha.



    Going to come to the deffense of 5Live a bit.

    If your lucky enough to have freesat or some other kind of box the 5live coverage, is for me at least synced and I found the small interuptions, are no more than a minute at a time and are always interupted if something happens, doesn’t bother that mutch in the grand scheeme of things, there not ad breaks.

    I’ve not noticed the differance in sound either, but the differance in enjoyment can be massive, Davidson isn’t quite as good to listen too as Brundle but he has been an F1 driver himself, an is having an increasingly sucsefull career with Pugeot, barring obviously this weeks le mans, an more importantly he bounces off Croft fantastically well meaning his input can be better explored. Croft’s commentary is occasionaly a little excitable but not without reason, an his own knowledge of the sport is very good, an when he tells us things it’s generally very interesting. He has fun with his programme, ie AC/DC warm up laps with analysis and other add ons. He can be a little patriotic as well but it doesn’t bother me so much, the mans a Brit, presumably proud enough of that fact, an therefore cannot be expected to be a unbiased commentary machine and be an interesting commentator with opinions. Besides sport is the only area of life where I don’t mind patriotism so maybe im just innoculated to what annoys some others.

    If you have the option, I’d suggest trying for one or two races the 5live commentary switch on the redbutton, it’s true you miss Kravitz and Brundle, but it’s made up by the informative fun and thanks to the great guests, incredibly varied veiws on whats happening during the race and in the world of F1.

    An every few races, if you can swallow legard, kravitz and brundle are available at the flick of your remote. I did for Canada, an I swear I noticed the man less.



    Legard seems to make exponentially more mistakes every race that goes by.

    Murray Walker made gaffes in his time, but they were usually funny, not fundamentally wrong. “I predict Fisichella will pull away” and then during the ad break he lost 2 places; “Is that a BODY on the track, I hear?” “No, it’s a piece of BODYWORK”. Saying Massa and Liuzzi have tangled when the on-screen graphic has been saying it’s Alonso and Sutil for the past 5 seconds is pathetic. Interrupting Brundle every 5 minutes is downright unprofessional.

    And even though I have no choice (no 5 Live in Canada!), I still wouldn’t replace Brundle for Davidson for the sake of getting rid of Legard.



    Well, frankly, Icthyes, I don’t think even Brundle’s been at his best lately. I think he’s lost some of his wit and edge in the last couple of years and started just repeating a few catchphrases and saying silly things. He’s still a lot better than Legard of course, and this is just my opinion (I may well be attacked for it.)

    I think it started in 2007 when Hamilton came along, he and Allen dropped the relative impartiality they previously had, and just threw in their lot with Hammy completely, and that kind of jingoism can be bad for the mind. But then again, a whole year (and more) of commentating alongside (and sometimes, under) Dullard is probably far more damaging!

    I have to say, I can’t believe how stupid I was to join in with all the Allen bashing, he definitely had his annoying moments and bias, but he was far more astute, knowledgable, spoke far more clearly, and much better at explaining things to non-experts than Legard. The anti-Allen movement’s zealousness seems extremely stupid now in retrospect, because it is clear their idea “Anyone would be better” was very wrong indeed.


    Mark Hitchcock

    I never really got the Allen hate.

    I could see where people were coming from but underneath the bias and sometimes-over-enthusiasm there was clearly a deep understanding of the sport and he was usually very quick to figure out/point out what was happening strategy-wise throughout the races.

    That’s the thing I really liked about him. Whenever someone pitted he would explain what position they would come out in, how it would affect their race etc. That made even the most hectic races easy to follow (Brazil 08 springs to mind). Something Legard completely fails to do.

    Of course, I could be looking at Allen through rose-tinted spectacles. I haven’t re-watched any of the ITV races for a while.

    Regarding Brundle, I wouldn’t be surprised if he is becoming frustrated at being talked over by Legard. He’s constantly having to fight to get his voice heard instead of being able to relax and be as good as he used to be.

    When he’s sat next to someone more competent he’ll shine again.

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