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    With the switch from SPEED to NBCSports for the US television rights this year, we are losing SPEED’s online commentary-free stream of the first practice session, and the non-blackout (in Canada) television broadcast of the second practice session. Qualifying and race are broadcast by TSN and RDS in Canada, but not the practice sessions, and SPEED would be blacked-out during those sessions. NBCSports is not available in Canada (at least not on my cable provider).
    Anyone know if there is a way to legitimately watch the practice sessions this year as I used to in the past?



    I doubt you can watch F1 legitimately through a stream if it is unavailable, there is obviously a deal with the TV channel, they decide what to broadcast and when to broadcast it, they are then normally the one provider to give you the coverage in your country, therefore I doubt you can find a different legal way to watch the F1 other than through the provider that pays to give you the coverage you get, I assume all streams that are available are illegal because (this may the wrong word) providing pirated content.



    You can use BBC’s iPlayer and get a program to disguise your IP as British, but I’m not sure about the legality of that.


    rob lomas

    VIPbox sky f1
    There are many pop ups but at least you can then watch all race sessions and GP2 and GP3 as well



    < a href="http://kompas.tv/live/">Kompas TV. Well, I know that the channel broadcasted F1 live last year (and I expect them to do so again this year), and whatever they’re broadcasting (including BE’s sport) can be streamed live from their official page which is where the above link is headed to.

    If it’s Melbourne and they’re not showing F1, though, then it’s not your day and you’ll be better off looking at other sites.

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