Let's boycott a race

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    As another throughly dissapointed and angered fan, I feel we should all boycott a race out of protest… I am already boycotting Hungary, But as a collective unit we could perhaps have some impact.

    Shall we boycott Monza?


    Fer no.65




    Why Monza? its one of the races everyone tunes into. Abu Dahbi however, would be a better choice.

    And a boycott works when everyone does it, not just the UK.



    Nobody except for the broadcasters would lose out. If you want to boycott a race, boycott it when it comes on sky.

    I was listening to Radio 5 live last night, some idiot suggested we all boycott Silverstone next year. The only loser out of that would be silverstone.

    If you want to protest about something. Make sure you affect the people you want to protest against. Not the innocent bystanders.

    Personally I think if we all protested to the BBC and FOTA in one large petition, instead of lots of smaller ones, that would be the best route of attack. It’s not silverstones fault.

    The BBC and Bernie Ecclestone are responsible, however with a bit of pressure on FOTA as well, with enough signatures; we as fans could get things our way.


    sbl on tour

    whats the point in boycotting a race, thats a non starter, lets face it nothing we are going to do is going to make a difference, remember footy all those years ago!



    Why? So the BBC lose even more money and can’t broadcast any races?



    I really dont see the point in boycotting a race… to not watch something your complaining about not being able to watch for free… does it make sence? It will do nothing accept make you miss a race.



    I really dont see the point in boycotting a race… to not watch something your complaining about not being able to watch for free… does it make sence?

    Haha! Brilliant. Never thought about it that way.



    Can we wait till next year and boycott Valencia?



    get a mate to sky+ it for you if you need to

    These are private dealings, there is nothing fans can do to persuade FOM, BBC or Sky



    Boycotts are only worthwhile by people with the boxes that record viewership. Across the country only a few thousand households have the boxes, and these households contain in total 11,000+ viewers. The figures for what they watch is extrapolated for the whole country. Therefore, each viewer with access to a box represents 5,000 people.

    If anybody other than these viewers turn off, the viewing figures aren’t affected- even by as much as one. I showed a link to wikipedia in a recent article.



    Heres something better. Try to convince as much people to stop giving money to pay TV and sky. Then maybe these accursed services will disappear and people will be able to watch their favorite sports in free air TV.



    Now with the internet, it should be much easier for those who pay for TV coverage to find it elsewhere. Solo is right, if no one paid for these stupid pay TV companies, then they would cease to exist.



    I remember the same types of things being proposed about things like Starbucks, Microsoft and the meat trade, Solo.

    Protests make no difference.



    How about boycotting the sponsors,surely they would have a big say on the matter.

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