Lets build a 2014 car!

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    So, I downloaded a new toy yesterday in the shape of the Sketchup 3D Modelling software, and after using for the work I actually downloaded it for, I decided to have a bit of fun.

    My next project is using it to try and mock-up a concept of a 2014 car, using the regs available here.

    I haven’t gotten mega far yet, but I thought I’d share this project as I went along.

    My first stage was to make a box to fit my car in – I then added wheels. Hopefully from this image you can see the small marker I made at the front center of the box to mark the lower height of next years noses. I also added in the approximate locations of my cars wheels. All the wheels are set to their maximum diameter of 660mm. I doubt the teams will run quite up to that diam, but its a good guide.


    I then deepened the wheels to the widths specified by the regs (305-355mm on the fronts, 365-380 on the rears). I settled on fronts=310 and rears=370.

    I then added a line from the front nose height indicator to the bottom of the rain light to give me a plane to work from.


    So, thats my starting point hopefully you’re interested in seeing where it goes from here!


    Keith Collantine

    @bendana I think @guilherme was trying to do something like this a while ago.



    Looking forward to seeing this progress, I love stuff like this :-) Maybe we can have a competition with the different designs, like Newey v Brawn!



    @keithcollantine Indeed I was, but it got way too complex and frustrating once I tried to do the front suspension, and I simply had to give up (for the moment) as I had other priorities.

    In case @bendana wants to take a look at it, here’s the link http://www.f1fanatic.co.uk/groups/f1/forum/topic/drawing-f1-car-on-cad/?topic_page=1&num=15

    Hope you can pull this off, good luck!



    @guilherme to be honest, mine probably won’t get anywhere near as advanced as what you were trying to do, lol! Sketchup is pretty easy to use, but its nowhere near as advanced as AutoCad., so hopefully it’ll go pretty well.

    If anyone else wants to have a play with it though, the download link is here, and I can send you the baseline model I’ve thrashed up. I would have got more done this evening, but the wife chucked me off the PC so she could play candy crush!



    That candy crush is evil – my mum is ensnared by it.
    This concept has potential. I can’t wait to see how it turns out!


    Lucas Wilson


    If you can add colour to your finished car, could I suggest purple?, I think it is a great colour and its rarely used on F1 cars (this sort of purple: http://cartocars.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/F1-car-2012-car-sport-style-5-jpg.jpg ). I also think we should add a chassis name for ‘our’ car, what about the F1F4 (the F1Fanatic 2014)?



    I have no issues with that – probably the best way is if you pick a shade of purple you like and post the RGB code, that way I can match the textures.


    Lucas Wilson

    Yeah I had a quick look, the required colour should be:

    Red: 102

    Green: 0

    Blue: 204



    Good luck! :) I tried this a year or so ago, but my skills using GoogleSketch (Or whatever the programmes name was) were far from adequate, and I promptly gave up xD



    Right, the plan is to work from the back of the car forwards. From what I’ve read, the dimensions of the rear wing are unlikely to change massively, which gives us a baseline to work from. I could be wrong, so feel free to correct me. Making the first proper piece of bodywork also gave me the chance to test out @full-throttle-f1‘s suggested colour scheme!

    I left the actual wing elements white so that you can see the double element:



    Lucas Wilson

    Looking good ben :-)



    next stage:
    Added detail to the rear wing:


    And added in the “plank.” I didn’t like the usual fibreboard look, so I did the plank in an aesthetically pleasing cherrywood. STYLISH.


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