Lewis Hamilton – he’s everywhere!

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    Ever went into a newsagents lately? Went into WH Smith the other day, and there was eight magazines and newspapers showing the new F1 season – and EVERY ONE of them had Lewis Hamilton on the front, either his face or him driving his car – or both! Completely ignoring the fact that Sebastian Vettel had won the last three championships in a row, do you not think that this is overkill? Even the supplements with the daily newspapers had Lewis on the inside of the pages. There are 21 other drivers out there – or don’t they know that.

    PS Please don’t say that because he’s British he should be on the cover of everthing, because there are other, better teams and drivers out there.



    If Vettel was the one who moved to Mercedes, he’d be getting the attention. High calibre drivers switching teams is exciting, don’t try to find a conspiracy or something.


    Keith Collantine

    Magazines rely on people picking them up to get sales. Of the four British drivers in F1, Hamilton is definitely the most popular. Plus the Mercedes move is a big story.

    I read an Autosport editorial a year or two ago where they said if they put anything that wasn’t an F1 car on the cover they knew sales would go down by a certain percentage. So it is for personalities in the sport as well.

    In the round-up a few weeks ago someone had posted a picture of 12 consecutive issues of the Italian weekly motorsport magazine Autosprint, every one of which had a Ferrari on the cover.



    Yeah we had a couple of of pre-season magazines by the biggest tabloids in Finland and surprise surprise both of them had Kimi on the cover.



    Giedo van der Garde was on several Dutch magazine covers as well recently, ‘our man in F1’ and all that talk.



    Ignoring your post history with 75% of posts expressing some sort of anti-Hamilton sentiment.

    It is because he is British that he appears on the front page of British F1 publications. He is the most popular British driver in F1, and they sell more when he is on the front cover.

    Go to Spain, and you will be inundated with cover stories about Alonso.
    Go to Australia, and the news will run a story saying “Webber finishes 6th”


    Prisoner Monkeys

    Go to Australia, and the news will run a story saying “Webber finishes 6th”

    No, they won’t. We rarely get any coverage of Formula 1 in the media.



    Well, i fairness, Hamilton has done some Fairly weird PR work before now.



    We do actually get the whole webber news thing in tassie. The problem with that is the only thing about the race or quali they will actually say is what happened to webber, like we don’t care about anything else that happened or something…



    Lol….. that Hamilton piece is just ….. I can´t stop laughing! Good one!



    Done a quick Google search, to figure out which Formula 1 driver today has the most publicity worldwide.

    1. Lewis Hamilton — 111,000,000 results
    2. Fernando Alonso — 36,000,000 results
    3. Sebastian Vettel — 34,900,000 results

    I’m generally surprised though, searching Hamilton’s name online offers 3 times as many results as Vettel and Alonso do.

    The next two are: Kimi Raikkonen, who has about 18.9 million results to his name, and Jenson Button with 14.4 million results found.



    @kingshark – You can add some to Kimi’s number, half the mentions probably have his last name spelled wrong



    Not surprising at all. He’s British, he’s extremely popular, he’s a talented racer and a world champion, and (probably most importantly) he’s very marketable.



    @Prisoner Monkeys
    We do get some F1 news coverage, it’s usually after every bit of footy news has been covered. The five seconds they do spend on motorsport can’t really waste time on frivolous details like who actually won the race, but must be condensed down into simply stating that a race took place and where Webber finished.


    The other day I saw on Twitter how the Italian F1 magazines have, one number after another (of issue) ONLY pictures of Alonso on the cover
    Do you think they will sell the magazines with a cover of Lewis?
    That’s just marketing

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