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    There were many complaints from the drivers and some of the engineers about the light levels at the end of the race in Korea, and I was just wondering if everyone’s life wouldn’t be easier, and wouldn’t it make much more sense, if they had a scientific measure of the ambient light level. There are loads of instruments available to measure light levels, and it wouldn’t be hard to have them scattered around each circuit (or even on the cars themselves), and then to stop the race when the average ambient light level around the circuit ahs been less than a certain level for a few laps.

    I can understand that there is no way for things like track conditions to be accurately expressed in terms of safety, but surely this is one that would be easy to do?



    I think James Allen had an article about that yesterday. The problem being that depending on where you measured the light it would be different. For example outside of race control on the pit straight is usually going to be in the shadow of the grandstand and therefore darker. Trees and hills can have a big effect in places like Spa. That’s why it’s up to the discretion of Charlie Whiting. It did seem to me that he let it go a bit long in Korea and some of the drivers lap times in the last couple laps of the race reflected that, but in the end the entire race distance was completed and no drivers crashed in the final laps due to visibility, so I think he managed to get the race started JUST at about the last possible moment.



    In cricket umpires have light meter in which anything less then some intensity the play is stopped I guess in the future F1 needs to come up with something like this.



    Hey fanatics back from holiday.

    Thing that confused me the most was why wasn’t Korea a night race? Or even a twighlight race? After all that fuss about Singapore and especially about Australia becoming a night race, surley the clever thing to do would have been a Korean night race.


    Mark Hitchcock

    They would never have got the place ready if they had to put lights up as well!

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