Lotus Hints at 2011 F1 Car? (pictures)

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    Lotus has revealed their F1 based production Race-Car at the Monterey Motorsports Pre-Reunion meeting. The car is based on F1 technology, with a full carbon fiber body, Semi-Auto Paddle Shift Gearbox, and a Shark Fin Engine Cover. The production date has not yet been anounced, but Lotus say they will produce only 25, and it will cost in the 1 million dollar range.

    So is this a hint at what the 2011 Lotus F1 car will look like? I personally think it looks stunning from every angle. The car has a 3.5 Litre Cosworth V8, with an astonashing 650 horsepower, 10,300 RPM. You won’t find many cars for a Million dollars that weighs just 650 kg, and is so powerfull.

    Back to the title, it has the weirdest Shark Fin I’ve seen yet, and a VERY baeutiful nose! In British Racing Green with Yellow, this car may just be the best looking car I’ve ever seen. But anyway, heres a link to the pictures.




    Awesome track day car. When you buy one you can choose which livery you want it in and you get a driving lesson from Mika Hakkinen! :O


    Felipe Bomeny

    Lotus, I think, will do very well with Renault engines. They’re improving at every race, and next year, they may be a great midfield team. Hope to see them in title contention very soon.


    Dan Thorn

    5 to anybody who buys one and says “I’ll have it in a Virgin livery please.”



    and 20 to those who request a Spyker livery.



    Looks very cool :P



    the livery in those pictures looks a bit like the RA107, but with the populated bits flooded

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