Lotus hit back at Sniff Petrol, Joe Saward, Caterham…

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    That’s funnier than the original picture, respect! I commend their attitude on this one. A typical PR response would have just wound me up but this is just so angry it’s good.

    Throw some more memes there way, someone!




    Who’s going to be the first to shop a Lotus logo to The Incredible Hulk?



    It’s possibly the bitchiest thing I’ve read since highschool. Anyone would think that Dany wrote that himself. ;)

    For a company that’s meant to be professional, it’s not even slightly appropriate. Add to that the comment on their website about the Chinese GP

    Be careful with your champagne flute, though. We all remember what happened here last year!




    Haha this is just great!
    When I first read it, I was like, “ey.. is that really an official statement from a serious company?” It really does look more like the things you find in the comment section on youtube, but I love it!
    I am really getting tired of those standard PR press releases.
    This one though, this must have been written by mr. Dany him self. It is so angry, and its just fantastic!
    Respect Lotus, I like that attitude.
    Even though it is very much inappropriate.




    Of course they can say what they like but I don’t think much of a major car manufacturer throwing a tantrum fit for a three-year-old at a satirical website.

    It’s hardly any different from what Ferrari do, and I wouldn’t call Lotus a major manufacturer, at least until their new cars start hitting the production lines.



    That was a brave response from them! Now I’m expecting Tony, Mike and Joe to answer to this. I think that whoever wrote it has gone mad! But then, if it was just a usual PR response, it would be so boring that I wouldn’t even comment it. But I think this may have gone a bit too far…



    Who’s going to be the first to shop a Lotus logo to The Incredible Hulk?

    touché @pjtierney!

    This must be making the Ferrari horse whisperer jealous! Or did Lotus poach him from Ferrari?



    Hahaha This is brilliant, I was expecting the usual PR tut that most teams put out, but this is something else! My favourite part is the Mike Gascoyne “joke”. It’s just unbelievable that whoever’s in change of these things being released said “Yep, can’t see any problems with that, let’s show the public this”… It hardly paints them in a positive light. That said, I think it’s great and strangely like them even more for doing this.



    This is going to be real fun. Sniffpatrol hits back with The first draft” of that Lotus press release, lets see if Lotus take the bait again!



    @bascb That is amazing. Ten times funnier than even Lotus’ press release! I’d love to see them reply to that too. Fight! :-D



    That’s a massively over the top response to a small piece of satire. Why even go to effort to respond to something as insigificant as a comical Ali meme? Sniff Petrol win this round I’m afraid.



    Sniff Petrol have done exactly what I had expected them to do: capitalise on this unexpected publicity. They must be loving what happened today – Lotus have legitimised them and given them more fuel for the fire. I’d never heard of them before today, and nor had I heard most of the rumours which were in that press release. I have now, of course. Well done Lotus, really good work there.


    Keith Collantine

    You can thank good old Tony Fernandes for these two. He is out to get us. He is. Last night we heard a noise outside and when we went to look there was no one there. We couldn’t see him but we know it was Tony Fernandes. He is like a fat fox. Perhaps he is frustrated because he owns a Formula 1 team instead of doing the smart thing and just giving his name to various racing teams and then realising he hasn’t got the money to pay for all this

    Love it!



    That response is brilliant! As I don’t visit Sniffpetrol usually, is their tagline always “Not letting the facts get in the way of a good story since 2001”, or did they just change it because of what the press release said?



    This is actually pretty pathetic, and very beneath a company the size of group Lotus. it makes them look like nothing more than bullies taking potshots at everyone else – like @keithcollantine said, it’s a major business throwing a complete tantrum.

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