Love or hate the 2011 season?

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    A fierce debate on Twitter agve me an idea to start this thread. I get the impression that some are absolutely loving this season while others are becoming disillusioned with F1. What’s your take on it? How would you rate this season?

    I’m really enjoying this season. The races are unpredictable and it’s only the first year of the Pirelli’s. I’d only suggest a few tweaks and then I’d be perfectly happy. Turkey was a bit much for me and without getting into a DRS debate I’ll admit I’m not a fan of its implementation but last year we moaned there was no way to pass so at least something has been done. If I was cynical I’d say that part of the problem was that it’s Vettel winning but of course, I’m not that cynical :P Just kidding :)

    I understand that the tyres and DRS have maybe gone a bit too far but like I said at least they’ve done something to make it more entertaining. It’s all good and well for us (including me) to say scrap the idea of “the show” but last year we had one stop and cars stuck in dirty air with zero happening. There has to be some spectacle.

    So over to you. Am I an idiot? Do you agree? How would you change things?



    This year the worst thing has been the F1 director. He or she is what is almost ruining the new rules for me.

    Otherwise though, i’m enjoying the season. I would personally prefer the harder tyre to degrade gradually rather than have the same performance drop off as the soft tyre but otherwise its great thus far. I think some of the overtakes have been a bit lame because there is an obvious performance advantage and I also think that to an extent, red bull’s car advantage is making things a bit predictable but other than those things, i’ve enjoyed the racing.



    “This year the worst thing has been the F1 director”

    And every year. The coverage is steadily getting worse though.

    Thanks for commenting too :)



    I’m enjoying the races very much, I wish I could say the same about the championship battle. I don’t believe Formula One needs the DRS, though I don’t mind seeing it in action. I think most of the overtaking however has been aided mostly by the Pirelli tyres. Hopefully it won’t turn into a case of “too many good races is a bad thing”, though that seems to be the case for some already.



    I’m liking everything apart from the results. And the FOM director.



    I preferred 2010, different winners and different results for everyone. The results this year are predictable at the front, but the show is very nice. Probably the first 4 races have been better this year than last year, and I like this, but I never was one of the people crying for much more overtaking. Last year was fine and the championship was close, this year the show is spectacular but the championship seems already decided.



    I’m enjoying watching the races this year much more then last. Last year we ended up with large parts of races where the main action was watching a train of cars tour around behind a slower car unable to do anything about it or a brief flurry of activity whilst everyone pitted a third of the way through the race for hard tyres.

    I don’t mind Vettel winning all the races as long as he clearly has to fight for it (like today), though part of the fun is watching the ebb and flow in the championship battle, and obviously with one guy winning all the races that isn’t happening yet. (I’m still hopeful it might).

    I do agree with the criticism of the world feed director. He/she has a bad habit of cutting away just when something interesting is about to happen and showing far too many irrelevant replays and lingering slow mos of cars that add absolutely nothing.



    Concur with the director, after following Alonso/Webber for several laps, he cuts away to a wide shot of an empty front straight so we could see a tiny blob that was supposedly Vettel driving down the pitlane AFTER his pit stop. It just so happened that Webber made an attempt on Alonso then.

    You could only see it happen when they switched places on the on screen graphic, and then in the replay about 30 seconds later.



    The director makes a few slip ups but after last year when every leading pitstop was covered, He’s just another person who has to addapt to the new regs.

    I’m loving the racing, but the title battle is looking like a Vettle walk-over.

    Can’t wait to Monaco



    Races are a bit ridiculous with so many stops. It’s good though, I’d prefer 3 stop strategies and maybe the driver has the choice of what compound they start on. We’d see different strategies there. The DRS is a good idea if they can get it to work perfectly, which they can’t.


    Dan Thorn

    Yes, the director is naff.

    On the whole, I like it. In between races when I have more time to think and analyse I decide I’m not a fan, but during the races I’m too busy being excited to moan and wonder about the nuances of DRS etc. (Barca was my fave race of the season so far!) Four stops a race are little bit much but that’s just something we’ll have to get used to.

    I love it. It’s F1, and I’ll always love it.



    Monaco? Get ready for 77 laps of the Martini logo…


    Red Andy

    I like the tyres better this year, though I don’t like the way the teams are still restricted over what compounds they can use. I still object to the artificial nature of the DRS. If the teams are refusing to do anything about the fundamental problems of overbody aero (as we’ve seen with their recent decision to scrap the move to ground effects) then the least they could do is allow for a bit of freedom for when the DRS is deployed.

    That being said, it’s hard to deny that the racing has been better this year. I think that’s down to the tyres most of all, though. I agree with the complaints about the coverage, but hopefully that will improve.



    08 09 10 were better…



    This year so far is summed up in one phrase for me: tires yes, DRS no.

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