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    I’m currently completing an AS Extended Project course and for the dissertation I am writing about whether team orders should be allowed in Formula One. As such, I need some secondary sources. I have contacted Autosport about requesting three specific issues but they haven’t replied! I was wondering, does anybody have any magazine issues or newspaper cuttings published immediately after and therefore concerning the;

    – 2002 Austrian Grand Prix

    – 2008 German Grand Prix

    – 2010 Turkish Grand Prix

    – 2010 German Grand Prix

    Any help would be most appreciated! :)



    I’ve kept all my copies of F1 Racing for the past couple of years but unfortunately I’m disorgansied so can’t find half of them and they’re only montly so they’re never immediately after if that makes sense.

    However, I have found a copy of F1 Racing that followed Ferrari’s court case this year and Jackie Stewart, Martin Whitmarsh, Jenson Button and Christian Horner all discuss the verdict and to somne extent, what they think of the team orders rule if that would be useful? There’s also an article in here asking why Fernando’s the villain of F1 and that briefly mentions team orders?

    Just let me know if you want quotes and/or if I can be of any help.


    Red Andy

    GrandPrix.com has an excellent archive of news stories going back to 1995 I believe. You can certainly find stories about the races you mention, written at the time.

    Hope that helps, and good luck!



    I’ve been through some newspaper sites and here are some links you may find handy

    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/home/search.html?searchPhrase=ferrari+team+orders (Daily Mail is always angry and especially so with Ferrari)

    http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/sportvideo/formulaonevideo/formula-one-video/7917301/F1-podcast-Hungary-Grand-Prix.html (this was from the next race at Hungary)

    The Guardian is usually the best for F1 but to be honest that isn’t saying much with our newspapers :P

    Anyway, hope that helped!



    Thanks guys, all of that stuff will help me a lot, cheers. :)



    Jackie Stewart in F1 Racing said : It’s clear that Ferrari broke a rule, but the only thing wrong with the rule banning team orders is the rule banning team orders. Team tactics have always been a part of F1 and, as a result, there have always been number one and number two drivers. Jim Clark was number one at Lotus, Jackie Stewart was number one with Tyrell. It will always be the same and, as a responsible governing body, the FIA should remove the ban now.

    Whitmasrh “” : Even if team orders were permissable, we wouldn’t change our philosophy at Mclaren. We believe in parity between our drivers and I think that’s one of the reasons why people want to drive for this team. Although we lsot the driver’s championship in 2007, I take pleasure from the fact we continued to give Fernando and Lewis equal equipment until the end, even though it cost us a title.

    JB “”: I;ve never thought team orders are the way to go. I’ve never demanded number one status in any team I’ve driven for and, as far as I’m aware, none of my teammates have either. Not even in 2003, when I was teammate to Jacques Villeneuve.

    Horner””: It’s not the way we go motor racing. To set out at the start of the year with a clear number one and number two goes against everything that Red Bull stands for.

    JS “”: Even if team orders were permitted, you’d only see something like we saw in Hockheinem every two, three or four years. You can’t tell a team how to run a business that turns over hundreds of millions of dollars every year.

    JB””: F1 is a big business, but you can’t forget the fans. They want to see racing between team-mates; they want to see 24 guys racing – not 12. You can’t forget the fans in all this.

    Hope that helps!


    Ned Flanders

    The F1 Rejects race reviews are very long and detailed, so I suggest you use them, they go right back to 2000


    Keith Collantine


    (small thread highjack – @ redandy what happened to the runoff area? – I used to enjoy that website)

    And now a genuine contribution – I would suggest that the TC looks at other areas than those mentioned.

    Some good races –

    1997 Jerez – where Williams and McLaren manipulated the result after Schumacher took himself out of the race (and also in this race, there was a sauber driven by Norberto Fontana- powered by a ferrari – that very deliberately held up Villeneuve who was chasing schumacher in the ferrari. Fontana came out in an interview a few years ago and said that he was told to hold villeneuve up)

    here is a video of villeneuve letting the mclarens through (apparently it was because the mclarens were his rear guards earlier during the race – read the grandprix.com race reports for more information)

    1998 Melbourne – arguably the start of ‘modern’ team orders

    and I’d also look at some races from the earlier periods of F1 – such as the 1950’s. Stirling Moss’ handing of victories to Fangio etc would be good to look at as team orders were acceptable back then.

    I think your project will look more impressive if it looks at some of the historic reasons for team orders as well as the modern ones contained in the races that you have initially suggested!



    in the last 50 scandal in the Formula 1



    Red Andy

    (small thread highjack – @ redandy what happened to the runoff area? – I used to enjoy that website)

    A combination of a loss of inspiration, a small crisis of F1-faith and my prolonged absence over the summer is broadly what happened. But it’s not dead, just dormant. It will be back in time for the start of the 2011 season. I can’t say more than that at present!

    On Jerez ’97, I’d understood that what had happened was that McLaren had the fastest car, but had agreed with Williams not to interfere with the title fight. In exchange for that, Villeneuve allowed them through once Schumacher had parked it. But I haven’t read the GrandPrix.com reports from the period, so I could be wrong.



    Cheers everybody, especially Keith!

    And I realised, I’d only been thinking about inter-team orders, team orders that involve two or more teams could add a real dynamic to my dissertation, thanks guys!



    @jonnyw360f1 check out the wikipedia entry for the 1997 Jerez, that has the various sources for the information on it I believe.

    I had another think too –

    1999 season where Irvine was Schumacher’s no.2 then after his accident, Schumacher was Irvine’s number 2, might be interesting to look at as both were considered acceptable.

    Also, 1998 Spa where Damon Hill won. Here is the radio chat from the Jordan team which illustrates what was going on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ykI39M27y10

    Finally, read sections 4 and 6 of this article http://www.patronisef1.com/index.php/features/six-of-the-best/1614-six-of-the-bestoverlooked-f1-moments



    Steph – what about the Daily Telegraph, are they any good with F1 do you think? I’ve got a big book called The Daily Telegraph Formula One Years but I didn’t know how good the actuall paper was…?



    I’m not Steph, but I can answer on her behalf – the Telegraph is a well respected broadsheet newspaper in the UK. I personally prefer the Times for F1 reporting, but the telegraph is good.

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