Magnussen in McLaren

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    Is there any confirmation on this subject matter at this point in time? What is the likelihood of this happening?

    Also, are you excited if this turns out to be true? I know I am for one. Finally a rooster in the house!



    There hasn’t been any confirmation yet. I feel quite neutral about this subject.

    Sometimes this year I thought that Perez failed to impress, but as the season progressed we’ve seen that the Mclaren has been quite rubbish compared to recent years, and so I think it would be unfair to drop Perez just after this season, as he hasn’t had a proper chance to prove himself. But of course there might me some factors internally which we don’t know about that perhaps justify him behind dropped.

    As for Magnussen, I doubt he is a new Hamilton or Vettel. He was incredibly consistent this year in FR3.5, but I didn’t see that sort of spark which the likes of Hamilton, Vettel or Alonso have and which make them being recognized as the best drivers on the grid nowadays. I believe that it should be better for him to spend a season or two in a backmarker or midfield team to mature and develop his abilities with no pressure, and then be given a shot at Mclaren.


    Max Jacobson

    Magnussen I feel is on a par with Perez, so a change there would be a no gain no loss situation. However, for continuity’s sake I think McLaren should retain Perez as he has far from disgraced himself and he is a better bet finically.


    I think Perez is deserving of another season at McLaren. Especially a ‘proper’ season after this more transitional year where everything isn’t quite so typical.


    Lucas Wilson

    I think it will be interesting either way. Get rid of Button I say (and I am a button fan) and let Magnussen and Perez fight it out!


    Iestyn Davies

    It’s being reported that McLaren believe in Magnussen, and expected Perez to beat Button in qualifying (it’s 9-8 to Button). JS also said that Magnussen is better in the simulator, which is really the ultimate test of drivers now, as there is direct comparison. Maybe this played a part in Kvyat jumping Felix da Costa and Sainz Jr, who knows. But RB can also compare Vettel, Webber, Ricciardo, Vergne, Buemi, Alguersuari etc. in their simulator too…

    It’ll be hard for Magnussen to make the jump, but they get good track time in FR 3.5, which will make the transition for speed a bit easier, if not the consistency – the last rookie, Lewis Hamilton, had 10,000 kms of testing (over 1 season’s worth of running) under his belt before Melbourne 2007, and was visibly cautious in that race (apart from the start!) to get a decent finish (top 4) under his belt, before attacking for the rest of the season.

    I think McLaren are thinking, throwaway Perez and a rubbish 2013, move forwards for 2014, Honda in 2015, Vandoorne to replace Button if he retires/goes off the pace when Honda arrive and Vandoorne wins GP2. And then there’s always the Alonso to McLaren rumour for 2015 should the above not work out as planned.




    Does Red Bull share simulator data with Torro Rosso?



    Absolute joke if they get rid of Perez. They’ve hardly given him the car to perform in, it’s his first year in a top team and apart from the first two races and Monaco, he hasn’t actually been that bad.



    It depends on what McLaren are looking for. Another stable, Button’esque driver? Then Perez might be able to do it with a few years of experience. But I doubt that is what they are looking for. McLaren all ready have Button, so why would they look for another pretty good driver?
    They need a hot-shot who can take the fight to even the best of them.
    Will Magnussen be that guy? Who knows. But it is almost guaranteed that Perez will not. He has quite a lot of experience, and he is still not capable of beating Button in qualifying. Which is JB’s biggest weakness.


    Adrian Chavez Lopez

    As for today, I really have not read any signal about Perez’s future. In today’s note, Martin Whitmarsh have said that McLaren has two cleavers guys on wheels, and that McLarane will have next year, so, I understood they are going to continue, both, in the team. I think this has been a very interesting market strategy for Magnussen in order to get him a seat in a secondary team for next year. But, really do not make any sense to bring a junior to a top ten team in a season that would deserve so many surprises both, technical and reglamentary.



    Magnussen will take the 2nd Mclaren seat according to Autosport.

    IMO Perez should’ve gotten a second season especially with that brick of a car Mclaren gave him and the technical regulations coming up


    Bradley Downton

    If this is true and Perez has been given the boot, I think that’s really rather unfair, he’s not been much worse than Button and it’s his first season in a top team.



    I don’t get this ‘it’s his first season in a top team, so give him more time’ mentality. Vettel’s first year in a top team was his second season, and he did just fine, as was Hamilton, and that was his first season. I understand that they had testing time, but in his third season, it shouldn’t matter for Perez. Yes, getting to grips with a new team and car may take time, but surely the best drivers can work around that? Again, I didn’t see Alonso taking time to adjust to McLaren or Ferrari when he switched.

    I don’t care if they keep Perez or get rid of him. He seems like a good guy, but really if McLaren think that someone else would be a better option, then that’s their decision, and they are for more informed to make that decision than any of us, who only have Grand Prix weekends as a reference point. For all we know, Perez might be difficult to work with, or give insufficient technical feedback, which could be vital next year.

    If Magnussen gets the seat straight off the bat, then I wouldn’t be too happy because I don’t think any driver should begin in a top team. It should be worked for, but if it happens, then Perez really only has himself to blame.



    I’m loving it how the same sites that were reporting Raikkonen to Red Bull around Spa feel the need to risk not losing attention by bringing up this story today, as Massa to Williams is confirmed. Once Lotus confirms their new driver, these sites will post an equally ‘confirmed, but not really’ story about Sauber and/or Force India.

    I remember McLaren talking about not wanting to give their drivers the best in their first years because of the way Hamilton responded to the 2009 car, but seemingly McLaren isn’t into this ‘learning lessons’ business. I hope they manage to put Magnussen in a Force India or a Marussia first and let him and Vandoorne earn a McLaren seat.

    Meanwhile, might as well keep Perez for the sake of consistency. As an armchair expert, I don’t have the data McLaren has, but I can’t imagine (looking at the data I do have) Perez looks that bleak up against Button. He hasn’t been impressive, but not less so than Kovalainen against Hamilton.


    I’m a bit gutted for Perez and really hope he gets another drive, but I do think that Magnussen is a real prospect.

    And I think that if McLaren really do want to win a championship anytime soon, they’re not going to do it with Button leading the team…

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