Make up your own (ideal) tyre rules

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    Here are mine:

    – Friday: No limitations on race tyres.
    – P3: Qualifying tyres allowed (no limits)
    – Qualifying tyres – 2 for each session (Q1,Q2,Q3), so 6 for the Q3 drivers, 4 for the Q2 drivers
    – Driver can choose 4 tyres, at least two types. Pirelli always offers all types of tyres, Pre-Race all drivers decide which tyres they might use (different strategies possible). Driver has to stop once in box, has two use at least two different types of tyres.

    And by the way, I would go back to refueling, in order to increase tactical possibilities for drivers. The whole full fuel rule did not have a great effect on the racing, in my view.



    I’d just give the top ten qualifiers an extra set of option tyres, for use in Q3 only (they could use their “race” sets as well if they wanted)
    I’d allow mixed sets (e.g. a hard front left and 3 softs).
    Drivers wouldn’t have to start on the tyres they qualified on, or use two different types in the race. Those are left-over rules from the days of Bridgestone and Max Mosley’s “game of chess”.

    Otherwise I’d leave as it is. But I’d make Pirelli develop tyres that can stand prolonged running behind another car, and sliding. Or find another supplier who can. Goodyear seemed to manage it.

    No to refuelling. Fuel stops just looked lame, cumbersome and dangerous compared to the drama of 3-second tyre stops. And would you want a fire like Sunday’s one during a race?



    4 tyre compounds, all 4 are brought to every race weekend. Teams can choose any of them.

    Hard tyre will last an entire race, but is the slowest.
    Medium tyre will need 1 stop and had good pace.
    Soft tyre will need changing twice, but is quick
    Qualifying tyre is blisteringly quick, but requires 3 stops.

    Everyone qualifies on the qualifying tyre, and races on whatever they fancy.
    And thems the rules.



    Stop making the top ten start on the tyres they qualified on, instead they should give them an extra set for the race, so that everyone has at least one fresh set of tyres for the race.

    By the way, I think refueling should be reinstated. I don’t like how slow the cars look today in comparison to when we had refueling. The tyres don’t help either, but they are helping create great races, so that makes up for it.


    Jenifer Stevens

    This tire thing is killing the racing…I was at the Spanish Grand Prix (My company has arranged a secondary sponsorship for one of the teams) and on qulaifying it looked like some teams were going to sit it out to save tires…..rediculous that the best racing in the world has let this become an issue….also performance….how interesting would it have been of the tires at the end allowed a last few laps passing opportunity for Fernando……we would have seen Pastore’s skill in defending…instead tire performance went away…..Who cares about the tires I want to see the drivers skill be the focal point…and car design…all this was put in to make the racing closer…would rather see fuel stops used instead of you have to use this tire and then that tire in the same race…let the teams choose which tires they want….limited number of sets but run what they want.



    any other ideas for rules/regulations?



    2 sets of quali ultrasoft tyres for every Q3 runner. Drivers no longer have to start the race on the tyre they qualified on.

    Then I have two possibles:
    Bring 2 sets of each (all 4) compound for teams to use in Quali+Race. Some will be used in qualifying for Q1+Q2. Teams then can use whatever they want in the race.

    Teams must nominate what compound they will use for the race after qualifying. They then get up to 5 sets of that compound (depending on which they nominate), and that’s all they can use for the race.

    We’ll probably see some 1-stopping hard tyres, some maybe even doing a harebrained 4-stopper a la Imola whatever it was where Schumi pulled off that brilliant win through strategy. Teams don’t HAVE to use all sets given to them – so maybe some could try a medium 1-stop or hard no-stop or some crazy stuff :P

    Ideally – using the softer, but more-stop approach should always be quicker. (ie 4-stop on supersoft is quicker than 3-stop soft, 3-stop soft quicker than 2-stop medium, 2-stop medium quicker than 1-stop hard) But only by a few seconds over the race distance).

    The first strategy could potentially lead to monotonous races as the teams just cover each other in terms of strategy.



    I’d like to see Q1 and Q2 still come out of the race allocation but 2 sets of proper Quali tyres for all in Q3.
    Obviously this means the drivers start on Q3 tyres rule is dropped.

    For the race any 5 sets of the two compounds available, as nominated after FP1.
    No ‘use both tyres rule’.

    This removes the current farce of Q3 and gives teams a wide range of strategy options.
    Reuires more planning (and hopefully more running) on Fri, but removes a little bit of reactive flexibility in the race…



    I’d like to see teams get to choose what compounds they want to run at each race, but with a catch.. Over the course of the season each team can only use each compound a set number of times. If there are 20 races, they can only use each compound a maximum of 12 times in a season.

    Teams would potentially have to choose to be less competitive at one race so they could be more so at another. It would really mix the order up and add another element to the level of strategy.

    Teams could use whatever tyres they want in FP1 and FP2, before choosing two of the four compounds which they would then use for the remainder of the weekend.

    I would scrap the start the race on qualifying tyres rule, along with the both compounds rule.



    I think it is a very interresting idea to let the team choose freely from four different compounds, the problem is, I think, that it would be very expensive.
    They would have to bring double the ammount of dry tyres each race, and as it is right now Pirelli chop up every single tyre they bring to a weekend, used or not.
    So not only will it be more expensive in terms of logistics, but also in manufacturing.
    That being said, it would be great to see some vastly different strategies from the teams. Everything from no-stop strategies to four stops in the same race.



    The number of compound types (four) is fine. However, instead of allowing strategies ranging from 2-stop to 4-stop, these tyre compounds should allow no-stop to 2-stop strategies. (ie. make the tyres less prone to degradation, then drivers are allowed to push the cars more aggressively.)

    Bring back Quali tyres, allow them only in P3 and Qualifying. Limit the number of Quali tyres available in each qualifying session.

    Scrap the front 10 tyre rule and the ‘compulsory stop’ rule.

    Allow different tyre compounds fitted to different wheels during race. Then we can see conservative approaches where harder compounds are fitted to outer wheels and softer compounds to inner wheels.



    Qualifying tyres for Q2 and Q3.
    These are the fastest tyres they can physically make while still being able to run for 4-5 laps . It would be brilliant to see drivers have tyres which could in theory drop off in the middle of the fast lap.
    They only get 1 set for Q2 and 1 set for Q3. A set will be provided for P3.

    3 different compounds(Ex: Medium, soft, super-soft) will be provided in a race weekend for P1, P2 and the race (P3 will have the 2 fastest compounds and the qualifying set while Q1 will only have the 2 fastest compounds)

    They will be given 1 set of each compound for P1, P2, P3, Q1 and the race.
    If they don’t use a set in P1, P2, P3, Q1 at all then they are available in the race but if they do 1 lap or more on them then they cannot be used again. Sets do not carry over to the next session they are only available on Sunday.

    Wet tyre selection will remain the same.

    After that it is up to the team to decide a strategy.
    That is only an increase of 5 sets of tyres per team.



    First of all, we need to have a huge differential between the tyres.

    Every race weekend, the teams can only choose one tyre compound, which must be chosen before the weekend itself. There are three compounds each.

    On an average circuit like Catalunya, Options would do be 1 sec quicker than Mediums and 2 sec quicker than Primes, yet would require to do 3-4 stops. Mediums would be 1 sec slower than Options and 1 sec quicker than Primes, and would require maybe 1-2 stops. Primes would be 2 seconds slower than Options and 1 second than Mediums, yet can last an entire race distance. Pits stops during a race are not required, and are completely a team decision.

    Teams can only use three tyres throughout the entire weekend – The slick compound they have chosen, and the intermediates and extreme wets in rainy conditions.

    For an entire weekend the teams will have a total of 3 intermediates and 3 extreme wet tyres. This holds true for all practice, qualifying, and the race. A total of 6 wet tyres would be difficult to last for an entire wet weekend.

    The teams will have a total of 6 slick tyres they can use throughout practice of whichever compound they chose for that weekend. They will have 3 sets available in qualifying and for the race, they will have another 3 sets available. Qualifying tyres are different from racing tyres to motivate the teams to go out in Q3.


    Keith Collantine

    If you’re not already done so, remember to vote in the poll here:

    Should F1 change its tyre strategy?



    @keithcollantine I’ve voted there, but that is a different subject. I think a piece on the current status quo of tyre rules (mostly in qualifying, but also for races) would be interesting…

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