Mark Webber will probably retire in 2012

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    Stephen Jones

    the Australian media had jumped all over it this morning.. one little slip-up on Australian TV, and the entire mass media is onto it..

    i’m 90% sure it doesn’t mean anything, but don’t be surprised to see it as Front-Page news tomorrow



    By Helmut Marko. Well that’s going to go down well with Mark Webber fans…



    Although many people believe Webber has lost his edge, he himself believes he is driving well, so expect to see him next year.



    He is driving well. His results would be better if he stopped losing places at the start. Hasn’t this season been better than last season for him?


    Ned Flanders

    How is Helmut Marko a ‘Dr’ anyway? I wish he’d keep his trap shut sometimes



    I think Barrichello will also retire after this year.



    Not sure but if he don’t stay in Red Bull he won’t get a drive in any of the big team & I don’t find any reason for him to continue racing if he can’t fight for the WC.


    Fer no.65

    Meh… why don’t this guy just shut up?



    @Ned: Sure gives him a sinister name, no? Would you want to be in a dark castle with Doctor Marko? :D

    Seriously, though, I can easily see RBR being Mark’s last team if he’s unable to secure a competitive seat outside RBR.

    But Dr. Marko’s statement also implies that RBR is looking for a Webber replacement after 2012, and already some names have been tossed around. Daniel Ricciardo is an obvious choice, while Ted has also named Jenson Button as someone RBR is interested in.



    @ Ned: he’s doctor of law from the University of Graz.

    I don’t get why all the hate against the man though… Whenever he makes a statement you are guaranteed to read someone complaining and wishing he would just shut up.



    Gilly now you know what it’s like to be a Ferrari fan with Luca in charge ;)


    Fer no.65

    @guilherme: because most of the times, he talks rubbish.



    Once again, Marko and his complete lack of knowing what’s appropriate.

    It’s not for him to announce a driver’s career moves, it’s nothing to do with him as Webber is not and has never been, part of the Red Bull Young Driver’s programme… which is, of course where the problem starts.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    Marko was asked very pointedly what Webber would be doing next year. It’s a big deal for the Australian media when it comes to Formula 1. And Marko is probably one of the best-poised within the team to know Webber’s plans, since he manages the driver programme.

    If it weren’t for his comments at Istanbul last year, nobody would be outraged at this.

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