Martin Brundle One Liners

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    We all know Martin Brundle as a great knoledge of the sport and we also know he has a very witty daminer so I put to you…

    Is this the best Martin Brundle one liner you have ever heard.


    Now it’s your turn, tell us what you think is Martin Brundle’s best one liner is.



    From Canada this year:

    We do love it all tracks beginning with M: Montreal, Melbourne, Monaco … lets pretend Magny Cours doesnt exist … Monza …




    One that sums up the Mas-Alo pairing for me is this

    “I love Felipe Massa I think hes a gorgeous little man but hes got a challenge on his hands to match that man now. (speaking on the BBC red button F1 forum after the 2010 Bahrain GP


    sbl on tour

    macca cant make it out , can you write it please



    To Adrian Sutil the grid in Spain 2009: “When you get up in the morning, how do you prepare for the race knowing that you haven’t got any chance of scoring points?” (As it happened, Sutil crashed at the first corner!)

    Canada 2008 (to Bernie): “There’s some pikeys down there at Turn 10.”

    And sometime in 1998:

    Murray Walker: Some people are debating whether or not Ricardo Rosset is Formula 1 quality.

    Martin Brundle: It’s a fairly short debate.




    Right at the end of the video Martin Brundle says,

    “You going to through me off the grid son, well, you’ll have to try harder than that.”

    and just walks away from him.



    “Hug the inside line like its your favourite granny.”

    “Its understeering like a cross-Channel ferry.”

    To Ted, after he told them about the weather during the Turkish GP – “Thanks for the weather update, Tango Echo Delta.”


    Tom L.

    The German GP in 2000 when the guy came onto the track was funny, on one side you had Murray getting excited (“Ding dong! Are we going to have a race now!”) and on the other side some classic Martin Brundle dry sarkiness (Something along the lines of “He’s obviously had a few too many beers or hit his head on something, ’cause he’s not being very sensible at all.”)


    Tom L.

    Oh and another great one was describing the Red Bull in Hockenheim, sticking to the track “like a gecko wading through superglue”. What the…?



    As mentioned before…

    “Its understeering like a cross-Channel ferry.”

    I also enjoyed seeing on youtube a good while ago Kimi Raikkonen telling him he was having a “s**t” during a national anthem. Not Brundle..but still funny!


    sbl on tour

    met martin brundle in hockenheim, he had time for a quick chat, he remembered us from barca last year too, top man!!!

    1983 F3 season, he was mighty nearly caught old sennapod for the championship, wish he had an all




    Monza 2008, after Vettel’s victory: “McLaren’s cloud should really have had a Kovalainen today”.



    My personal favorite: Nurburgring 99 – the Eddie Irvine 3-wheel debacle and the 4th wheel yet to be bolted on.

    “Stop having a committee meeting about it; stick it on and send him out!”



    I think my favourite one was his ‘YES!’ when Hamilton won the championship. Brundle’s usually pretty balanced and rarely talks about his own favourites, so you could tell it was pure emotion.

    My other favourites are ‘Straight to the scene of the accident.’ and ‘He just ran out of talent there.’



    “ambition exceeding adhesion”

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