Marussia not running KERS

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    Wow, what a supprise with every other team running it, I can’t see them getting any closer to anyone else because although its not a massive boost, it’s still a boost. I understand why they have said so, to benefit it in the long run but surely they wouldn’t want to finish last again this year?



    Force Maikel

    I actually had read this before on a small dutch f1 website but I didn’t take it that serious. This isn’t good for the team at all. I mean even HRT has KERS.


    Keith Collantine

    Didn’t Glock mention this months ago? I think it was in the round-up.


    Fer no.65

    How dissapointing Marussia/Virgin ended up being. And what a waste of a driver like Timo Glock, I really liked him in Toyota, he had potential…



    Pat Symonds is running the show now though. I’m very sure that they have a good reason. Maybe Pat feels that his time is better spent sorting basic reliability and improving the fundamental aero/mech design than he is with fitting/cooling/reliability issues of KERS. Don’t forget that that’s a path he took in 2009 as Renault abandoned KERS sometime after the first flyaway races.



    What you also have to remember is that for a team of this size, who are commited to the RRA and are racing because of the RRA, spending the required money on KERs which is believed to be around £5-6million would not be the best way of trying to catch up with the back of the grid.

    Yes HRT are going to have williams old kers system but they are in the same boat as Marussia, they need to find seconds not 5 tenths.

    I think this is a sensible move for the team, i just hope the designers can actually design a car that Glock can attack with rather than fight.



    Not a surprise,but sad anyway. This will mark the third year in a role,in wich they can’t get higher than last place. Timo must be one hell of a tuff guy if he can take this without leaving the team.
    This team at least is a propper one,with founding and long term view unlike HRT. They are buying old kers from williams and i’m sure,that they won’t even run it the whole season. In case they manage to get to the first race at all.

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