Marussia want a new engine

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    Lucas Wilson

    Anyone read this post: http://uk.eurosport.yahoo.com/news/formula-1-marussia-seeking-new-engine-supplier-190315416.html

    If we can’t get any teams on the grid, at least lets try and get some manufacturers :-D

    Cosworth have no plans for a 2014 engines. So Ferrari, Mercedes, Renault or even PURE or Honda?


    Aish Heydrich

    Yes I read that yesterday. It’ll be difficult for them to get a RENAULT engine to be honest. I mean they’re quite a back gridder, they were only better than.. what? HRT? I mean I don’t even know how Caterham got a Renault engine. There was another article I read here in F1F that STR wants to change to Reanult from ’14 which you have already seen. And Renault wants to cut down supplier teams. Phew!
    We really do need new manufacturers.



    Of the current engine suppliers, I don’t think any of them needs more teams (maybe except Ferrari). Renault want to reduce their teams, I suppose Mercedes might get another team only if Force India gets Ferraris (which I don’t think will happen) and I am not sure about Ferrari



    I think that Ferrari would be the best for them, only because Marrusia-Ferrari sounds better than Marrusia-Renault or Marrusia-Mercedes.

    Plus, on top of that, IMO Ferrari have the best engines in F1 today. Powerful, good traction and bullet-proof reliability. They have it all.


    Piotr Koteryl

    With Bianchi joining Marussia for 2013 (at the very least) and his ties to the Ferrari Driver Academy, do we think that Marussia might have the chance for Ferrari engines in 2014? It’s slim, I know…


    Prisoner Monkeys

    I wouldn’t be surprised if we see the entire team in a new guise from 2014. When asked about whether Vitaly Petrov could be a replacement for Luiz Razia, Oksana Kossachenko said that she wasn’t talking to the team because there is no longer a Russian presence there:


    It’s been speculated that Marussia have no further plans beyond 2014 – which they are reportedly only looking to contest because of the Russian Grand Prix – and their road car division hasn’t actually produced any road cars.


    Lucas Wilson

    There could be a few changes next year then (as regards team names).


    So , Marussia could be bought out by Scorpion Racing?
    It will probably be the Silverstone teams last year as Force India.
    And, some people are predicting that Lotus will have a name change as well.

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