Massa, broken?

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    Many comments have been made about the change in Massa since his crash. There was the pre-season talk of not being a no.2 driver to Alonso, then his results didn’t match up to Alonso’s, then he was told to let Alonso through. He’s had some poor races recently, and the crash on the weekend, well, you just don’t see a run of bad form like that, unless something inside has changed.

    My question is, has his heart broken? has his spirit collapsed? Has he gone all ‘kimi’ and got disillusioned with the whole thing. Will he really be here next year? In a sport where dedication and commitment is everything, can Massa be bothered to stay around?


    Fer no.65

    Well… Alonso is much more a driver than Massa. He was always going to loose against him (theoretically at least).

    Maybe we all overrated Massa for a start? I think 2008 was the only season Felipe really looked like a top driver. But then, we compared him against an uninspired Kimi, already bored with everything.



    Suggestion has been that Massa may not have his seat next year, and the suggestion is that that suggestion was leaked by Ferrari. ( According to EJ ). That’s a lot of pressure on him. I’m not sure his heart’s 100% in it any more.



    ‘m not sure his heart’s 100% in it any more.

    I’m sure his heart isn’t in it at the moment.

    I have no doubt that he could perform at 2008/2009 levels again if he felt up to it.

    That being said I don’t think Felipe is a top echelon driver, just a very good one.



    I don’t think that Massa has lost it. I believe he is still very committed. This has just been an unlucky year. And it’s never been easy to be Alonso’s team mate. You could see in Germany how desperately Massa actually wanted to win and how disappointed he was after he had to let Alonso past. He will definitely be here next year, too. However, I don’t think that he will accept no 2 status for a long time. If he can’t keep up with Alonso in 2011, I think we will see Massa in Renault or some other team in 2012.



    Nothing different from 2007 when he had to ‘assist’ Kimi at Brazil. Let’s see what he can offer next year. And the suggestion that Ferrari would want to fire him next year is stupid. He can be a great #2 driver to Alonso, which Ferrari would use completely. They’d rather have an Alonso and a Massa in the seat instead of Alonso and Kubica or anyone else.



    Apparently Montoya was asked and he said “You idiot! You broke my Massa!”

    In the land of reality, broken would be the a suitable word. It took him time to get up to speed and then when he does he has to give up a victory on a very significant day for him. Now he has the Man from di Monte giving him grief for a situation of his own engineering.

    I’m looking forward to seeing the old Massa next year.



    Not at all.

    It’s similar to 07 in some ways. Out of contention, playing the number 2 (not so obvious) which ironically gives him time on looking at himself and what went wrong.

    He cam back from a life threatning injury after eight months out with Fernando Alonso as his team mate and tyres he hates. He should be doing better of course but it’s one of those seasons and there have been flashes of the old him.

    He managed top of qualifying in q1 on the hard compound he hates at Monza but then his strategy fluff in q3 sort of messed things up, in Japan that lunge showed just how desperate he was to fight at the front, he led and was quicker than Fernando at Hock in the race until the engine thing, his Spa set up route payed off and he kept his head down and got on with it, Monaco was solid, Aus a podium, out qualified Alonso at Bahrain, fought back at Canada and put on a good pass too after his first lap calamity and actually managed eigth after starting last at Singapore (Silv 07 he started 24th and finished fifth so shows he can still recover) and he made up exactly as many places as Lewis Hamilton at Malaysia just without the overtaking (except JB).

    Yes, Fernando’s had the beating of him this year and I wouldn’t be surprised iof he did next year but Felipe isn’t broken at all. All this talk is making me more proud of him some ways. He’s always been strong in the head; after 07 he came back as a title contender when there were rumours surrounding his seat, he did enough so Ferrari booted out Kimi and not him, he can put in good recovery drives, at Brazil when all the pressure was on he was almost half a second quicker than everyone else at times, in 09 he put a brave face on in a rubbish car and then he came back from injury. He can recover and he’ll be much better prepared next year. This year was literally just his return year and to find his feet in again which is why to all those saying he should be fired I keep saying just give him one more season.



    I agree with Icthyes. He came back from a crash and resulting injury that would have ended the career of many drivers. He was told over and over during the long months of his recovery that Ferrari valued him and that his seat was waiting for him. He got off to a slow start in 2010, but that could be said of Ferrari in general. And then, just when it all kicked in for him, victory at Hockenheim was a scant handful of laps away, he was ordered to move over for Alonso. It was one year to the day following the crash in Hungary. It must have meant the world to him to be leading and be looking forward to victory on that day of all days. Having to give away the victory must surely have broken his heart. Realizing that Ferrari valued him less than he thought, or in some other way than he thought, must surely have been a blow.

    To answer Hare’s question more specifically, yes, I believe he may be a bit disillusioned just now, but with Ferrari rather than F1. I feel his heart and spirit are there for racing, but question if driving for Ferrari now means to him what it once did.



    I’d love to see him back in his 2008 form and he has the material potential to do it, but inside I’m afraid that he isn’t the same. He is a little worried because he knows that the same crash could happen another time because it wasn’t a driving error which he could avoid but an external factor.

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