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    why did everyone cheekily ‘bash’ Massa for his parking after the red flag in Canada?..he had correctly placed his car in the 3rd grid slot, whilst Vettel and Kobayashi ahead of him went on the wrong slots



    I thought it looked odd, but they were going to do a rolling re-start anyway, so it didn’t matter.



    I think Massa did make a mistake, as you’re supposed to park in a line behind the leader under red flag conditions, I think.

    I think he just saw the Ferrari pitcrew standing next to that part of the track, and parked there.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    As Martin Brundle pointed out, race stoppages aren’t very common. True, we’ve had three very recent ones – Canada and Monaco (don’t forget that Massa retired before the Petrov-Alguersuari accident) this year, not to mention Korea in 2010 – but the drivers don’t always know the rules in these scenarios simply because they’re so uncommon. And it’s not like the stewards penalised Massa for it.



    The commentator pointed out Massa said to Smedley that Vettel was in the 2nd-place slot, and Kobayashi followed him, whilst he stopped in the 5th slot as the 3rd was occupied by Kobayashi and the 4th was on the wrong side.



    I don’t think it mattered as they will have a rolling start if not they would have done a warm up lap behind the safety car so that everyone can take their grid position & start the race.



    Massa was in the right spot. Kobayashi was in the pole slot, and Vettel was likewise on the wrong side and too far forward. I was surprised the teams didn’t wheel them into the correct spots, but I guess because it was a SC restart they knew that the FIA didn’t care.



    Didn’t Vettel stop at the right place? At least on my TV his car stopped exactly at the red line, which I think is the red flag line, where you are supposed to stop.



    No. Vettel and Kobayashi were wrong.

    Sporting regulations:


    When the signal is given overtaking is forbidden, the pit exit will be closed and all cars must proceed slowly to the starting grid. The first car to arrive on the grid should occupy pole position and others should fill the remaining grid positions in the order they arrive.


    Red Andy

    Yeah, the rules were changed recently (before the 2010 season I think). Before then, when the race was stopped drivers had to line up in different positions, which were offset from the normal grid positions. If you look at footage from a starting grid from the late 2000s you might see some red numbers painted on the start/finish straight, away from the usual grid boxes – those are the places where drivers line up in the event of a red flag. More recently the rules have been changed to the one NetBurst quoted above.

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