McLaren could return to orange livery

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    Just scrolling through Facebook until this popped up. http://nextgen-auto.com/McLaren-could-return-to-orange-F1-livery,60771.html

    I personally would agree with Martin Whitmarsh who has admitted they could go with the new livery, as it would add some colour to the field, and also because McLaren might be switching to Honda engines in 2015, so they wouldn’t need to use the grey anymore


    Prisoner Monkeys

    Honestly, I kind of hope they don’t. It’s not a bad colour on its own, but it’s going to be really difficult to mactch it with a sponsor’s colour and make the livery look good.

    If McLaren really have their heart set on an orange design, then they should probably make a throwback to the Yardley livery and keep the orange to a minimum:


    That would line up nicely with Honda’s (rumoured) re-entry into Formula 1; they’ve traditionally run white liveries like on the RA272:


    And as if that wasn’t enough, Honda have also included a red circle in their designs, since they’re a Japanese company. That works very nicely with Claro’s logo, a red circle:


    And Claro are already sponsoring McLaren (their name was on the back side of the MP4-28’s rear wing in Spain, in place of the Tooned logo), and are said to be looking at a major sponsorship deal next year.


    Lucas Wilson

    I wouldn’t get too carried away at the moment. Neither McLaren or Honda have officially announced that they would be returning to the sport in 2015.



    I wonder how much the grey colourscheme has contributed to McLaren’s dull workmanlike image over the past 15 or so years? I’m too young to know how they were considered in the Marlboro era or earlier.

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