Mercedes AMG Saftey Car

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    So, for a handful of years now AMG has been the official provider of the saftey and medical cars in F1. I was wondering, why Mercedes AMG? Why not a BMW, or an Audi, or any other make? What is the process in which the FIA decides which manufacturer to go with? And why did Mercedes win the contract?

    Just a little question that has been bugging me for a few days.



    Merc will be paying for the privelage for a start. Second it’ll be performance, the car has to be fast enough and driveable enouugh on all grand prix tracks to lead the F1 cars at a decided requsite pace.

    Around the accidents it’s simply a matter of tackoing the right route but keeping the F1 cars at a certain level so the restart is safe is the most important thing when considering how the saftey car should perform.

    They also need to fin a way to get the cars in order, I know people say that allowing lapped traffic time to unlap themselves takes to long but it’s better than loosing race situations, or loosing even more time to the procedure as the front runners unlap themselves under race conditions.

    I know racing after the re-start might feel a little artificial but it’s exciting enough to make up for the time spent lapping in order.



    I suspect being an engine manufacturer helps, not sure who controls the decision although I would imagine it’s the FIA rather than Bernie.

    I dont care so long as it has that meaty V8 rumble, best sound in the world.



    It’ll just be that mercedes will have paid for contract to provide the Safety car and doctors car; its another way to advertise their AMG beasts. This year, however, they have not got much screen-time. But if you think back to korea last year when the cars started under a safety car, proceeded to run around the track for a few laps then stopped then it came out again later etc; its great advertising for the company.

    And of course the car has to be capable of maintaining a respectable pace, so that the F1 cars can keep some tyre pressure and brake heat etc…



    I loved the statistic that someone came out with at one point last season that Bernd Maylander was quite high up the “most-laps-led” chart :-P



    There are 2 Mercedes teams on the grid – the FIA cars (Safety and Medicar) and the GP cars (Nico and Micheal).

    Lets just say thank god the safety car isn’t an Evora! That would have caused mayhem in the courthouse!



    They should have had a powerful car like a Veryon or Zonda or even a Ferrari FXX driven by Stig as the safety car driver.



    Yes, But it does have to carry safety and medical equipment, although Mercedes I think pay for the priveledge (or at least provide the cars on a no cost basis) they are also used because they have to carry quite a bit of kit which I don’t think will fit in a Veyron, Zonda or FXX!



    And a 3’rd passenger.

    Maybe….. McLaren F1?

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