Mercedes engines to have massive advantage?

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    According to recent rumors, there is talk in the paddock that the Mercedes engine could have up to 100 horsepower more than Renault and Ferrari. Yes, that’s no typo, 100 hp.



    Formula 1 change of power in 2014?

    Mercedes engine with great advantage?
    With the new V6 turbo engine for the 2014 season, the engine will play a bigger role. Accurate data, the three producers to be announced. Nevertheless, there are signs that the Mercedes competition is a good bit ahead.

    For almost four years now Red Bull has dominated the event in Formula 1 Sebastian Vettel goes from victory to victory and from title to title. The competition was the World Champion subscription between bouts fret. At the end of the season of Heppenheim but had always reason to stretch the index finger in the air.

    However, with the large control reform in 2014 the chances are good that the balance of power in F1 could change sustainable. The best conditions for Red Bull to be distributed from the top, has the Mercedes works team. Already this season, the Silver Arrows have emerged as the pursuer. If the tires continue to hold as well as in Hungary, Lewis Hamilton this year even an outside chance at the title.

    Motor important than aerodynamics?

    Here, the British had actually been lured with promises of Mercedes, in 2014 to take the big attack on the Vettel troupe. The reason for the optimism is the star driver in the new regulations. The aerodynamics – one of the great strengths of Red Bull – is cut next season. For this, the drive gets a higher priority.

    The three engine manufacturers Mercedes, Ferrari and Renault for more than 2 years already working on the new engines. In addition to the performance, especially the compact housing of the many elements (cooling, KERS, turbo, ancillaries) and the reliability will play the key roles.

    So far, the three engine suppliers keep still covered what the current performance is concerned. However, there are signs that Mercedes is one step ahead of the competition. In particular, the discussion of the dimensions of the rear tire recently in Hungary is an indication that the V6 turbo from Brixworth has a bit more smoke on the chain.

    Wider tires for Mercedes-power

    The Mercedes executives have turned to the first performance concern to the FIA. Your concern: 2014 need to get to the increased power to the road wider rear tires forth. The maximum system performance should be in qualifying trim up to 850 hp. The maximum torque increases from 320 Nm to 600 Nm – as the tires rotate in the 4th and 5 Transition nor if the pilot does not sensitively deal with the gas pedal.

    Renault and Ferrari, however, were of the opinion that wider tires are not required to obtain the higher load under control. Then the two Mercedes competitors were asked to disclose their performance compared to Pirelli. After analysis of the predicted values, and after consultation with the tire specialist, the FIA ​​would appear to share the concerns of Mercedes. According to the latest plans in 2014 to 2 centimeters wider rubber to be driven on the drive axle.

    Mercedes engine with 100 hp more?

    In particular, the values ​​of Mercedes give cause for concern. In the paddock it is said behind closed doors that the Silver Arrow engine should make 100 hp more than the aggregate of Renault and Ferrari. This one does not confirm at Mercedes of course. But those in charge make an unusually confident impression when it comes to the topic of driving.

    And the pilots look next season with optimism. “2014 is a huge opportunity for us,” Rosberg said recently. However, you should Sebastian Vettel, Adrian Newey and Co. know, do not write too fast.



    If that;s the case, then the top four teams next year could well be Mercedes, McLaren, Force India, Williams…



    Very unlikely, but even if true .. they still need to manage the fuel consumption. A performance advantage will have a great impact on saturday quilifying though. Let’s hope for a balanced field, and not total domination from one manufacture.



    I don’t want to curse it, but we might just get a period of Hamilton-Mercedes domination



    Amus is usually a very reliable source, plus FIA asked each manufacturer to estimate the amount of horsepower provided by their engines in order to determine the size of the rear tyres next year. According to Amus, insiders say that Mercedes claimed to have an engine almost 100 hp stronger than either Ferrari or Renault did.



    Calling BS.
    100hp is a huge difference, and considering the specifications are tightly restricted, I would say it’s unrealistic.

    Also, the FIA would be keeping what the engine suppliers quote very secret. It would be a failure of secrecy if the teams found out, let alone the media (and thus the fans).



    @kingshark maybe they over-estimated to help their tyre wear? :P



    I personally would love to see a Mercedes-McLaren title battle next year, but I’ll take this news with a pinch of salt until the 2014 season.



    I personally would love to see a Mercedes-McLaren title battle next year, but I’ll take this news with a pinch of salt until the 2014 season.

    @deej92: If you add Force India and Williams in the mix, let’s go for it!

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