Money Talks! – Petrov signs a 2 year deal with Renault.

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    With the number of talented young drivers gunning for any seat in F1 right now, and veterans such as Heidfeld unable to find a competitive seat for next year, I find it hard to believe that one of the worst drivers of the year has actually managed to get himself a 2 year contract with Lotus Renault. Sure he is marketable, considering he is the only Russian driver ever to race in F1, but Lotus Renault are amongst the top few teams in F1, and I never would have thought that money would speak that loud.


    sbl on tour

    rem there is a russian gp in 2012 so nows theres a home driver for it

    so its not just footy where money talks!!!!


    Just means more money will be spent on Kubica’s car, what’s not to hate about a rich teammate who isn’t faster than you?


    Keith Collantine

    Already on the site, thread closed:

    Petrov to remain at Renault in 2011 and 2012

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