Montezemolo is starting to get really annoying

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    Pedro Andrade


    “Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo has renewed his attack on Formula 1’s slowest cars – claiming that if outfits are not quick enough they should not even be allowed to take part in grands prix.

    After seeing Fernando Alonso’s chances of victory in the Canadian Grand Prix wrecked when, on two separate occasions, he lost time and momentum behind backmarkers, di Montezemolo has again hit out at the backmarkers.”



    I don’t know what he wants??

    I think the guy can’t imagine the fact that Ferrari haven’t won a driver’s title since Raikkonen 2007, the very guy they threw out from their office cause he is not a team motivator! That was cruel to me to what he said to the small teams.

    I want to see his reaction when one of the new team decides to use Ferrari engines in 2011? He should help them to find their way in F1 not criticize them for wrong reason.



    As I said on twitter just an hour or so ago…

    @InsideFerrari Luca, backmarkers have always been part of #F1 & currently you have it easy. So stop moaning & get on with the racing!



    Cant stand Montezemolo im afraid.

    F1 isn’t the only racing series in the world he should be told that.

    Others in races like Le Mans deal with it perfectly fine lap after lap after lap….



    I can understand his frustration of seeing his driver getting held up ….. but, you know ….. deal with it.



    It amazes me the number of people poised over a keyboard waiting for LdM to say something. In Canada where tryes created the spectacle( along with some very good driving) there are still only a few places to pass. Alonso may have been much quicker than the Lotus but why pass at a point where you will need half a lap to clean your already worn tyres?

    There is a lot to be said about F1 cars needing to be faster than GP2 cars. The easiest and best soloution is to re introduce fixed in season testing for all teams and then we will really see where HRT, Lotus and Virgin are. They may be on lower budgets than the others but they need it more than the ‘big teams’. Cheapest option would be to do it on a Monday after a race when everything is already there.



    To be honest the new teams are a bit of a joke, Q3 isn’t even worth watching because you know it’s the 6 cars and a Sauber or Toro Rosso. I know they are trying but they are SO far off the pace but like rampante say, if they had more testing they’d be able to catch up but with no testing it’s almost impossible.

    I also notice that every top guy moans a lot but it’s only Luca that people seem to have a go at when he says something.


    Ned Flanders

    “Montezeemolo is starting to get really annoying”. Starting?!… that implies he has been something other than annoying in the past!



    I don’t understand this antagonism, both here and from Luca MZ, towards the new teams. I think they are doing a sterling job in the circumstances and in some cases already walking up the garden path of some of the long established, yet back end midfield runners.

    Toyota came into F1 with one of the biggest budgets and what must have been 3 years of preperation and at least a full years private testing… and they were still crap, even considering they had two well established drivers in Salo & McNish.

    …and where would Toro Rosso be now if it were not for Red Bull?

    Honestly folks, get off the new teams back, they deserve our support.



    I agree with Tommy and Rampante that the new teams are too far off. I really admire them for pushing on but the rules are against them. They should be allowed to test as it’s just hurting them. I know testing costs money but it would seriosuly help their performance I believe. Plus testing would help some of the rookies they’ve hired.

    “I also notice that every top guy moans a lot but it’s only Luca that people seem to have a go at when he says something. “

    Well Flav used to grate but he’s gone and Dennis too. Luca can be outspoken and has come up with ideas which will probably never happen (the 3rd car idea) but I do feel he gets more stick than almost anyone else bar Jean Todt and the FIA. He doesn’t do himself many favours though. I like to focus on his ideas and what he’s saying rather than making it personal. I don’t really agree that the new teams shouldn’t be allowed to take part as they were granted entry but they have to improve and there are some things I’m unhappy with too.


    Keith Collantine

    Hmm. I wasn’t going to do yet another article on Montezemolo slating the new teams (like this one and this one) but having read some of replied here I may have changed my mind…



    The new teams may be slow now, but they’ve been realing in the established teams relentlessly, an it’s because the progress they’ve been making, in comparison to the established teams gains, has been so good that I have absolutley no time for Montezemolo’s crap. Alonso got slowed down by a backmarker, tough cookies, that could have happened at anytime in F1 history, as little as 5 years ago it would have been much worse and no one had the outright audacity or ignorance to say it was bad or dangerous for F1. If they brough back the %107 rule, all the new teams would be qualify now, making his comments even more detached from reality.

    I genuinley don’t think the new teams are too slow anymore, even Hispania is within 107. Not once in this season have the new teams cars been intrinsically dangerous, less dangerous have they been in fact then McLaren’s failing wheel rims, Red Bulls failing breaks and Saubers failing front wings.

    Montezemolo’s comments are political and for the benefit of Ferrari, three car teams would require reduced grids, an seeing as the new teams have been making clear progress an look certain to continue racing next year (baring of course HRT in which case there’s plenty of professional outfits that’ll replace them) the only possible reason Monty has to critice them is he wants to replace them with more Ferrari’s. The grid is on a clear upward spiral with stronger teams an a deeper spread of quality, it’s ruined Monties pipe dream and his throwing a sulk.



    Scribe, when a team is so far off the pace it is easy to make up 3sec a lap the problem is the next 1 or 2. Plenty teams have been about long enough to prove that. The chances of any of the 3 new teams ‘competing’ with the top 4 is so far off it cannot even be considered at present.

    Montezemolo has been in F1 for nearly 40 years now and is entitled to an opinion. Do you not remember Frank Williams(who I admire with huge affection) in the early and mid 80’s. Ron Dennis did the same. I don’t agree with a lot of what he says but this everytime he says something is really just tiresome. Remember our press here demands he speaks to the papers on a near daily basis and the non Italian press only pick up on the negative aspects of his interviews.


    Keith Collantine

    I take your point about more of the negative stuff coming across, Rampante, and I’ll pay closer attention to that once I’m reading the Italian press myself, which I hope to do eventually. Sorry to disappoint you, but I am writing a short piece on this for the site.



    Fair enough he is totally entitled to his opinion, however I’m allowed mine and I don’t belive what he’s been saying recently has been beneficial for F1. Now obviously it’s his job to promote Ferrari but I’ll slate any team boss that tries to put his team before the good of the sport an that seems to be what he’s doing.

    On your first point though, yes the new teams won’t be able to win championships for what will probably be at least ten years, but so? Most teams go there whole exsistence without a championship many go without a race win, is that bad for the sport? Some new teams do go on to have sucsess though an it’s worth letting them have a go.

    An I know the difficulty is in that last second but the new teams have undeniably been constantly improving, an Montys completley ignoring this, the way he talks it’s like he doesn’t want any new teams in the sport unless, an just maybe, the’re gleaming billion pound waste buckets like Toyota. HRT clouds the picture but Lotus and Virgin are doing a fantastic job, the way their going it seems highly likley they’ll be in the picture for points next year, an this can only be a very good thing. Both teams are highly valuable additions to the sport, an Montys got to stop having a go at them.

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