Monza to be dropped from 2016?


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    Euro Brun


    “When asked by Gazzetta dello Sport about what the future of the Monza race looked like, Ecclestone said: “It’s not good. I don’t think we’ll do another contract, as the old
    one has been disastrous for us from a commercial point of view.

    “So it’s bye-bye after 2016.”

    Should Monza be unable to put in place a financial package that suits Ecclestone, one alternative that has been suggested is Mugello.”

    Berny’s gone too far this time! (I wonder how many times that’s been said?)



    And I wonder why Monaco is still on the Formula 1 Calendar…


    Bradley Downton

    I saw this earlier…

    Crazy if it happens



    I really hope thats not true



    Relax, this is completely typical Bernie Ecclestone. By threatening the race, he generates media attention, and tightens the screws on the race organizers to cough up more money. He says this kind of stuff all the time.



    I doubt that it’s true, I do recall a year or two ago, Bernie saying that the British GP would be dropped and what’s happened to that? Although as far as replacement circuits go, Mugello isn’t a bad one!



    You know, I think this really has been the drop for me. I know this is most likely a negotiation technique, but someone needs to drag Bernie into the 21st, or heck, even the late 20th century. The constant threatening of harming F1 because of money that doesn’t go back into F1, the threatening of little teams to the point where it’s implied they’re going to be worked out.

    I honestly don’t know how many Bahrains or Canada’s there’s going to need to be to compensate for the ever flowing stream of Bernie-induced drama. Heck, I’d rather have a new Spygate or 10 times the ‘Lewis and Nico cable special’ we have now than this constant rambling and threating.



    Is Autosport the new Pitpass?

    Can’t we have both Monza and Mugello? Mugello’s got scenery as good as the Red Bull Ring, and proper hairy corners too. And what happened to the Rome Grand Prix?



    They should call his bluff, join up with the WEC, and create the 6 hours of Monza.

    He won’t know what to say to that!


    Iestyn Davies

    6 hours of Monza.. that sounds awesome. What was the event where a Russian pay driver took out their team-mate at Monza in practice and promptly got fired? I think it was GT cars..


    Euro Brun

    That was WTTC last year, Aleksei Dudukalo driving for Lada took out his team mate James Thompson during Q1. He braked far too late for the first chicane:



    Iestyn Davies

    I was mixing up my memories :D



    Hoooray for that one @Euro Brun! Monza the Cisalpine (maybe Milanese) Grand Prix, and Mugello the (proper one) Italian GP. =)

    And still we can to some extent count in Imola, even if it’s an old one and it has pretty bad facilities. Although it’s scenery is as great as Mugellos.



    That would be sweet, as long as they remove that first chicane so the LMP1 cars can go full-throttle from Parabolica down to the Curva Grande.

    There were some testing videos (early this year or late last year) of an LMP1 car (Audi, I think) doing this, and speed it carried was incredible.

    I feel like the great things F1 should be doing are already being done by WEC.

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