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    PM recently created a thread called “Young drivers you have high hopes for”, it was on future F1 drivers on their way into F1.
    But what about the current Formula One grid? Who do you think is the most promising of the young talents? With young, I mean drivers who haven’t been around before 2009-2010, and aren’t older than their mid-20’s. I didn’t include every driver who falls under this category because I’m pretty sure nobody here thinks Maldonado, Petrov or Senna will be future greats anytime soon.

    The obvious short-list would be:
    – Roman Grosjean
    – Paul di Resta
    – Nico Hulkenburg
    – Kamui Kobayashi
    – Sergio Perez
    – Daniel Ricciardo
    – Jean Eric Vergne
    – Charles Pic

    Which drivers do you think is most likely to have a successful career in F1?



    Di Resta – I think he is the best driver of the lot. He has been able to nip on Sutil’s heels, and Adrian is a driver who I rate fairly well. This season will be far more important as he needs to show constant improvement.

    Hulkenburg – I think he will have an average career. His 1 pole may have been impressive but I think the conditions were the deciding factor as he never blew Rubens out of the water on a regular basis and I never felt Rubens was that good to start with.

    Perez – I don’t really remember much of his season except his performance in Australia some I’m going to try to keep track of him more this season. From what little I do remember he was pretty quick in qualifying but since I don’t remember much more I assume he didn’t impress me too much.

    Ricciardo – I think he wont be too bad as he was able to beat Liuzzi but it was hard to evaluate any driver in HRT so I will be watching him closely this year.

    Eric Vergne – I don’t watch any other racing series so I can’t say much about him. I just hope he gets a beating from Ricciardo because of his comments about Webber. It is disrespectful and cocky say you’re better than Webber before even having a go in a race, and this was long before he was confirmed in the Toro Rosso line-up.

    Pic- No Comment

    Grosjean – I think he will be just OK

    Kobayashi – I always though he was overrated and I’m just expecting and average career from him. I have examined many of his FP, Q and Race results along with Pedro de la Rosa’s and to my surprise they were pretty evenly matched. He also had nearly identical results with Heidfeld only doing slightly better, but not enough to be a WDC especially considering Nick’s lack of pace after the refueling ban.



    Petrov? You’re being kind of ridiculous with that remark, OP. Especially since you also put Kobayashi on the list.

    As for my list, Ricciardo > Perez > Hulkenberg > Vergne > Grosjean > Kobayashi > Di Resta > Pic (who?).



    I think the Sauber drivers are very promising, they’re both exciting talents who I believe could win often with the right cars.

    Hulkenberg seems to have some good raw pace. The second half of 2010 was very good for him and I reckon that he can win many races in the future.

    I’m not sure what to make of the other young drivers. Di Resta is talented, but I think he lacks that spark needed to be a great driver. He did keep Sutil honest, but I don’t think he was ever going to be a top driver. With the others, I just don’t know at this point and I’ll have to wait and see.



    I put Kobayashi on my list, because of the undeniable hype around him. Really, he’s the Chuck Norris of Formula One, people just get carried away with him too much, too often. I don’t expect a great career of him either, honestly. I think he’ll have a Trulli-esque career (one win at best).
    Di Resta – I expect an average career from him. I think he joined F1 too late by today’s standards. He shouldn’t have never left single-seaters for DTM. He’s behind now, 26 and still to score a podium.
    Hulkenburg – I’m expecting a great career from him. I’ve always been impressed by him ever since his days in Formula Three. I think Nico has the “it” factor in him.
    Perez – I think he too has a great career in him. His occasional pace throughout 2011 was incredible, I was shocked how much faster he sometimes was than Kobayashi.
    Ricciardo – His pace late-season was incredible, he was often 1 second/lap faster than Liuzzi. Another bright future star.
    Vergne – Can’t judge yet. I have to see him in action first.
    Pic – The only reason I put him on my list, is because he’s young and still a rookie.



    Sergio Perez ,Ramon Grosjean seems to better αη∂ most promising.


    Joel Holland

    Might get slaughtered for saying this but I think di Resta got a far better press than he deserved last year. Sutil is no world beater, and di Resta didn’t beat him in either qualy or points yet ended up being feted as a genuis. I reall feel Hulkenberg will show him up this year. Nico is the real deal; di Resta, while undeniably a talented guy, isn’t quite at that level.

    For me Vergne is the ‘one’ out of this lot. But only time will tell.



    Grosjean – I must admit that in 2009 I totally wrote him off and never thought for a second he’d be back in F1. But today he was very impressive. Renault clearly have a very good car, but for Grosjean to get into third was amazing. I’m still not totally convinced of him- I doubt very much he’ll end the race on the podium. Then again, he’s young and has plenty of time to improve.

    di Resta – Clearly very capable and I was very impressed with him last year. However I think Sutil made him look a bit better than he actually was. I never rated Sutil very highly, and I don’t think di Resta beating him was as big a deal as it seemed. In short, I think Hulkenberg is very capable of being WC one day.

    Hulkenberg – I my opinion, the best of the bunch. He should never have been sacked by Williams, and frankly I think he deserves better than Force India right now. He’s already proved that he has the raw speed, and he’s definitely a very capable racer- more so than di Resta in my opinion.

    Kobayashi – In 2009 he was hugely impressive, but he’s been somewhat underwhelming since. He’s a solid racer and is a reliable source of points, but I don’t think he’s World Champion material.

    Perez – We haven’t seen the best of Perez yet and I’m not really sure what I think about him.

    Petrov – I think he’s still got more to show and will improve. His problem now is that it’s going to be very difficult to move back up the grid to a better team.



    I think Perez, di Resta and Hulkenberg are the best young drivers. Vergne should be quite good as well, I rate him higher than Ricciardo. Grosjean is fast at times but must earn experience, as should Maldonado.



    I think potentially (as a lot of people have said!) Perez – especially as he’s now got a chance in a big team. Sink or swim time!

    I really really rate Grosjean, glad he got a second chance.

    I can’t really see anyone else becoming a “legend” or similar of the sport. But I can see a few solid careers out there.


    Juan Pablo Heidfeld

    I can see Maldanado actually having quite a long career, he is very clearly fast, shown by his quali and Spain. Perez is the obvious one, especially at McLaren. Grosjean also looks v good, and Pic has looked decent.

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