Lewis Hamilton and Nicola Scherzinger split?

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    So why was Lewis moody in Korea?

    This may be why:


    Prisoner Monkeys

    @hays33d – I wouldn’t go reading too much into it. Hamilton and Scherzinger have supposedly broken up on at least three previous occasions. And I’m pretty sure one of them was after Monaco-Montreal this year. It’s just the tabloids spinning stories that they know will sell papers. Lewis Hamilton, royal scandals and James Bond films are all the big-ticket stories for tabloids.



    WHAT?! Lewis Hamilton is playing James Bond?! :P


    Prisoner Monkeys

    Well, P.Diddy has repeatedly said that it’s time for an African-American James Bond*, so if the tabloids thought they could make it stick, they’d no doubt run a story about Lewis Hamilton playing James Bond in a film where he has to prevent a royal scandal.

    *Nobody took him seriously, though. During the early 1990s, Diddy was a producer for some of the breakthrough hip-hop artists when the genre first came to public consciousness. He was, in some respects, a voice for a generation. But as the genre expanded, more influential artists emerged, and they signed with other labels. Diddy’s power waned, and he couldn’t really stand the notion that there were influential African-Americans out there and he was not one of them (he cited Barack Obama and Lewis Hamilton as said influential African-Americans; yes, I know Lewis Hamilton is not African-American, but Diddy apparently doesn’t). So he started calling for an African-American to be cast as James Bond, naturally putting himself forward as the ideal candidate for the role, because Diddy can’t stand the thought of not being an influential African-American, and James Bond has been a major part of film culture for the past fifty years. He even submitted what he called a “demo tape” (even though EON was not looking for a new actor, having just cast Daniel Craig), for his new brand of cologne “I Am King” (which he dedicated to the likes of Obama and Marthin Luther King – once again, grouping himself with powerful, influential African-American men), which was basically him standing on a yacht playing roulette, riding jet-skis in suits and being surrounded by bikini-clad models for ten minutes with a pretentious monologue about his product delivered in a monotone. I’ve seen him “act” in the reimagined “Hawaii Five-0”, and I have to say that EON dodged a massive bullet by not casting him. Not that they ever gave any indication that they were even aware of Diddy’s desire to be James Bond.

    And this footnote is going to become something of a note itself.



    prisoner monkeys reaches new heights of patronising by patiently explaining who puff daddy is. Next week, Hugh Grant.



    Ach I hope in a way it’s not true. It could account for his seemingly distracted demeanour of late. I actually quite liked Ms. Sherzinger as at least she has a career of her own and some talent. Unlike certain other F1 wags (yes I’m looking at you Mrs Button)


    I’m gutted for Lewis. They clearly had a very deep personal connection but their professional lives just weren’t compatible. I hope he’s able to cope with it.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    prisoner monkeys reaches new heights of patronising by patiently explaining who puff daddy is

    Did it occur to you that some people may not know who he is? I didn’t know until he submitted that “audition tape”.

    Besides, you need to know who Diddy is to understand why he made the suggestion in the first place.



    @prisoner monkeys No. Not for a moment.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    Well, it probably should have.



    no, it probably shou have occurred to you that in the extremely unlikely event that someone hadn’t heard of him, they’d probably ask.



    The guy does have a point, PM.

    Anyway, this thread has gone miles off topic now, but as PM said in his first post, it seems like nearly every other week they’ve ‘split up’, so I wouldn’t take it as fact just yet to be honest.



    To be honest, I know who he is but what PM said was to put into context the point about a black James Bond. Made sense to me.

    Yeah, as others have said I’d take it with a pinch of salt. But if there are issues in his personal life, as everybody insists there are, then I would imagine she might be in some way involved (seeing as they’ve been together so long so she must be one of the most important things in his life, and it seems whatever problem he has is fairly major), so whether they’ve split or not I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s something going on with them.





    There are many Egotistical, or narcissistic people out there, who have an inflated ego and the belief that they are more important than any other person. It’s an official psychological disorder – narcissistic personality disorder. Observed in all races i must say, but quite frequently seen in coloured, african american and other mixed race people it seems.. just personal observation. Maybe it is related to their childhood and/or lack of acceptance during, and where they lived?, …who knows. Eitherway what these types of people think/say really, couldn’t care less…

    Regards to the topic of this thread, …it is very possible what happened. I’ve always thought that Nicola Scherzinger was not for Lewis and it was just a matter of time before she goes back to what she used to do before. And what was that? Look it up. She is no different to Kardashian, too much, fame, beauty and opportunety…; I wouldn’t be surprised if she was hooking up with someone else behind the scenes


    I am also gutted for Lewis. It is likely that “he” had a deep personal connection…(in fact quite obvious given his age and lack of experience) but, hey, maybe this is a good thing. Less fame will do him some good.



    Maybe it’s better for Lewis if they split. The superstar-superstar combination isn’t always the most productive one. I think Hamilton would do better with an Adriana Stoner-type of girl – simple and always there with him for support so when he’s racing in Europe he doesn’t have to think with whom his girlfriend is partying in New York.

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