My European Holdiay 2013

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    I dont really know where to start with this but I’ll try anyway…

    Im a 17 year old Australian guy, currently in my second last year of high school. When I finish school I want to travel, most likely to Europe with one or more of my mates and go to as many motorsport events in Europe as possible while also doing all the ‘normal’ touristy stuff.

    I know that 2013 is a LONG way away but I’ve really want to start getting an idea of what is worth seeing, what isnt, and just generally getting an idea of what I want to do.

    So thats where I need your help…

    Do you have any places or events that you would recommend visiting/attending? Any places that you recommend avoiding?

    There are a couple of things that I REALLY would like to do:

    – Drive the Nordschleife

    – Go to the Monaco GP

    – See Le Mans 24 Hour

    – See the Isle of Man TT

    – Go to the Goodwood Festival of Speed

    – Visit the Western Front and/or Gallipoli

    – See an Ashes Cricket Test (My best mate is a massive cricket fan)

    Thanks in advance :)

    *The reason I’m bringing this up so early is so that I can get a VERY rough idea of an itinerary (Obviously until the F1 calendar is released late next year nothing can be confirmed) so I can begin working out how much money I need to save for airline tickets, accommodation, admission tickets and everything in between. If anyone has an idea of how much some of these things would cost I would much appreciate it.



    I think the Monaco GP is always on the weekend of the Ascension Day holiday.


    Dan Thorn

    This year, the Goodwood Festival of Speed is 116 for a four day ticket (or between 30 and 50 for a single day admission, depending which day it is) plus 200 for a 4 person camping pitch. It usually takes place either the weekend before or after the British GP (usually late June/early July, this year it’s the 30th of June to the 3rd of July).

    It’s really awesome, you’ll wanna make it to that one.



    Seeing the Western Front (or what remains) is in reality all the way from Belgium, all the way through France and to Switzerlands border. Im assuming you mean something like The Somme which isnt all that far from Le Man (a few hours drive), i know that as my folks have a house in Poitou-Charentes region and means driving past both enroute. Le Man is always around mid June. Id say that doing the 24 hrs of Le Man and visiting the WW1 sites could be done over a short period of time, but other then driving, i would know how to get about.

    Goodwood is always around early July and Lord March does his best to make sure that it doesnt conflict with a Grand Prix race (or indeed, any major race if possible) I would say with GW FOS is that you try to do it atleast over 2 days (or 3) as there is so much to do & see, it allows you to fit it in.

    As for the ashes, well… thats might presumptuous of you to think its going to be held in England for 2013, it might be safer to just stay at home for that one ;)



    You have to go to the Silverstone GP too if you’re coming to the UK! The atmosphere is electric, and on par with Monza!



    You can get flights and ferries to the Isle of Man from Liverpool, flights are normally about 150 and the ferry is normally about 90 – this is for a single person, return ticket (foot passenger for the ferry).

    You can camp on the island for a few pounds a night, some farmers literally charge a few pounds but you only get a field and a tap, you can spend a few pounds more and get a space on a proper camp site with all of the usual facilities but even this shouldn’t cost you more than 5-10 a night at most sites.

    Hotels are very expensive due to the very high demand and you would also need to book well in advance as the teams normally start booking for next year while they’re at the event.

    There are loads of B&B’s on the island ranging from your cheap and cheerful room in a house right up to luxury cottages but as with the hotels you need to book early and prices will reflect demand.

    Although the Isle of Man is a quaint little island that in many ways feels like you’re back in the 1950’s it still has the full range of modern conveniences, shops, bars, restaurants, fast food outlets and everything else you’d find in any other part of the UK. Some of the prices are a bit higher than the mainland but compared to London it is very cheap and also has the massive advantage of not being full of Londoners :-)

    You don’t have to pay to watch the TT, you just pick a spot somewhere around the track and set yourself up there before the roads close. There are loads of great places to watch from and if you go for the full event then I’d recommend watching from various locations; personally I like the top of the mountain and the veranda as the bikes are running almost flat out and you get a great view, there are also some good pubs along the route where you can sit inches away from the track with the convenience of a full bar and friendly staff, there really is nothing like it anywhere in the world.

    If you want to have a really good time and get a great view I would recommend signing up to be a Marshall, full training is provided and you will get to meet loads of the riders, engineers etc as well as making hundreds of friends, you can get more info here:



    sbl on tour

    this sounds like an excellent trip, however be prepared to get tonked in the ashes!



    Your in for an expensive holiday!

    I’d advise the Belgian GP, Better racing and viewing than Monaco, but unfortunately 2 months later, it depends how long you are here for.

    It may also be of interest to go to the British Touring Cars a visit if your here, or any touring car series, maybe the DTM? Always provide good racing. but it all depends where you are when :)



    Ok so there are a few questions Ive got about the dates of events.

    Le Mans, British GP, Isle of Man TT, and Goodwood FOS, are any of these traditionally held on a particular weekend? (Like Monaco is with the Ascension Holiday)

    How many days does The TT go for? I know there are several days of practice and the like, but how many days of actual racing?

    @beneboy, do you need previous experience to become a marshal or do you need to attend training days prior to the event? Ive looked into and am considering becoming a marshal here in Australia so do you know if once trained here I would be eligible for the TT?

    @ S.J.M I know from my limited History at school (I had a rather dodgy History teacher) that the Western Front is massive. I would love to attend an ANZAC Day dawn service at a battlefront where Australians fought. ANZAC Day is April 25th so it would certainly fit in with the timeline of this trip. And the Ashes are due to be in England in Summer 2013… ;) Prepare to get beaten…

    @truef1grit I would rather not think about the cost just yet :. I work part time after school and am trying to save as much as I can but I realise its going to be VERY expensive but very much worth it.. And as much as I would love to see an F1 race in Spa, it would likely add an extra month of 2 to the trip and which would increase the cost. Are there any other major races held there between May and July? Le Mans Series maybe? Spa 24 Hour?

    Here in Australia, there is a company ( http://www.wickedcampers.com.au/ ) that hires out camper vans, specially designed for tourists back packing. Are there any companies similar to this somewhere in Europe? Hiring a van like this would help to majorly cut down on accommodation and travel expenses

    Keep on coming with the suggestions… :)

    Thanks again



    I’d advise following places when it comes to the Western Front of WWI:


    – Ypres and surroundings(In Flanders Fields Museum is to me the best WWI museum I’ve visited so far + it gets an update in the Spring of 2012, which should make it even better – http://inflandersfields.be/) + be sure to catch a last post ceremony, every evening at the Meningate at 20.00


    – Somme (perhaps make a small detour to Pronne for the Historial de Pronne-museum [well worth it aswell and created by the world’s finest when it comes to the Great War – http://en.historial.org/)

    – Verdun (Mmorial de Verdun-museum and the Ossuaire de Douamont – http://www.memorial-de-verdun.fr/index.php/index_uk.html)

    Both the Historial in Pronne and the IFFM in Ypres have a very international take on the history of WWI. I’ve yet to visit Gallipoli, but since there are special ceremonies in Ypres on the 25th of April, I’d assume there will be something similar there. It’s quite far for the Western Front though.



    The Isle Of Man Marshals Association can give you all of the information you need, their website is:


    You can also contact them using the following details:


    The Grandstand


    IM2 6DA

    Isle of Man

    E-mail: info@iomttma.com

    Telephone: +44 (0)1624 618191

    Full training is provided to all of the marshals who take part, your level of training will determine what duties you are allowed to carry out although they’re always looking for new guys to take part and obviously if it’s your first time they will have you out with other, more experienced marshals who will ensure you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing.

    There are a great many tasks that need to be taken care of so if you’ve got literally no experience then you’ll probably spend the first few days in roles where you’re least likely to have to deal with an accident such as road control (the guys who make sure connecting side roads are kept closed and traffic is kept off the track).

    Training sessions are run throughout the year and over the first few days of practice but if you’re going to get involved with marshalling back home the skills and experience you gain will obviously be an advantage.

    Your best bet is to send them an e-mail telling them about your plans; they’ll then be able to tell you if you need any training or anything else and would also be able to help you plan your trip.

    The TT is normally run in the first two weeks of June, the first week is for practice and the races run on the second week.

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