If Karthikeyan goes which ex-F1 driver should take his place?

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    an easy (or hard) question. If Narain (considered by many people on this blog not deserving his place in F1) leaves or is fired, which ex F1 driver (i remember some who lost their seat just last year) would you put in his place for next year?
    (Let’s imagine HRT could pay big checks)



    Nick Heidfeld.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    I wouldn’t put an ex-driver in the seat. The team already has one of those in Pedro de la Rosa. I’d find someone young and quick with a decent sponsor to pay the bills.



    Same as PM, Nasr or Razia or someone similar



    I agree. Any ex-driver such as Buemi or Alguersari would probably just get stuck there and struggle to break into a bigger team again. Their best hope is a drive elsewhere. Unless of course things finally fall into place for HRT and they find themselves in a position where they can develop a car better and actually compete on more equal terms with Marussia and maybe even Caterham.


    Antonio Nartea

    Yeah, I don’t see why they would need to pick up an ex-F1 driver at HRT either. They already have De La Rosa there doing development work. Plus, I don’t imagine any of the decent ex-F1 drivers (Buemi, Alguersuari, Heidfeld, Barrichello, Sutil etc.) accepting a seat with HRT.

    They’re probably gonna replace Karthikeyan next year, I’m sure, and my money is on Ma Qing Hua to take his seat. The level of media exposure they would get + the chinese capital he would bring to the team would mean A LOT for a team like HRT at the moment. And he didn’t look all that bad on track either at his first outing. Otherwise, they have Dani Clos if they realise an all spanish team would bring them more benefit.



    If they were gonna replace him with immediate effect, I personally would talk to Williams about taking on Bottas for the rest of the season. Could be a bit of a win win as Williams would like him to get some race experience and maybe they can give a bit of a discount on their gearboxes or something.



    Which seat?
    If Kathikeyan leaves the team, they will be in even bigger financial difficulties, I don’t see them making the Grand Prix start of the following season then.



    I can see one of their developement drivers taking the place. Maybe Clos ,but as far as it’s public he hasn’t got too much money behind him. Ma could take the place considering he has a dosen or more sponsors behind him,but on the other side,he’s way too young and inexpierienced. I could see one of the long time big team testers with sponsorship climbing into the seat. But other driver ,which is asking a sallary is not an option for them,De La Rosa was the cheapest expierienced driver they could get.


    For ALL of you who say “it would be impossible, it would be wrong”… that’s why i finished my statement saying “let’s imagine HRT could pay big checks”

    Thanks for being so bored / boring on your comments (probably the post was boring itself… well talking about Narain couldn’t be exciting right?


    Boxcar Racer

    Jean Alesi. He’s still racing in Indycar these days and is classified as a rookie! So we could have him in the HRT as a rookie/experienced driver!!!



    Nigel Mansell.



    Well if you ask a question where nobody thinks the scenario will even happen, you have to expect the replies to be ‘boring’.

    From the point of the team, HRT should get Buemi or Alguesauri perhaps.
    From the point of ex-drivers themselves, none of them should go to HRT (with the possible exception of Heidfeld if he’s desperate to stay in the sport) if they can help it, unless they can’t see any other position opening up in the next couple of years.



    Ok Let’s play. The Best avalable driver out there,if they give him all of their money per season is Hamilton. Then they will have a great driver,in a 2 year old car,with no fuel and a De La Rosa as mechanic. PUSH PEDRO,PUSH NOW!


    Boxcar Racer


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