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    Keith Collantine

    I’m planning to overhaul the ‘driver form guide’ section of the site for 2011. Here’s last year’s:

    2010 F1 driver form guides

    Do you have any ideas for what should be in here? What do you think are the most useful statistics for comparing team mates?

    Please post any suggestions below.



    Honestly, I see no reason to change. It’s great as it is, the only thing I could think of is best sector times. It would be interesting to see where a driver/car was fastest in sectors. Would probably be best to do it for qualifying but for the race I guess fastest sectors on hards for soft starters then vis versa would work. Each fastest sector could be put under the “Average Race Lap” row on the team mate comparison.



    In my opinion i would like to see the following :

    – Easy to view summary of their performance and finishing positions.

    – Maybe organise the drivers based on that performance on a ‘fake grid’ cheesy but hey we are all F1 nerds :)



    The only thing I’d like to see is incorporating mechanical failures/outside circumstances more. For example, when I was doing a Hamilton v Button comparison before the end of the year, it amazed me how much more dominant Hamilton was when you factored in things like relative positions when one of them retired, or if one of them had a problem that made them finish lower down (I’m thinking Suzuka here). Also something like incorporating the average difference between their qualifying times, Vettl and Webber were a lot closer than you’d think when you consider this stat (I think it comes to about a tenth per race)


    Stephen Jones

    i can’t really think of anything to add..

    I really like the Champion of Champions summarys though.. the percentages of race wins compared to mechanical failiures was very helpful.

    not sure if you can make any use of that!

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