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    With the new regulations coming in 2014, what new teams would you like to see on the grid? What older teams should return/be revived? As the world economy slowly rebuilds, should we see more manufacturers (re)enter the sport? What drivers and engines should they go with? Who should staff them? Please, go wild.



    Hopefully Audi/VW buy Alfa Romeo off Fiat, and the old Toyota Facility to get the Alfa F1 team up and running.
    Would also love to see honda back supplying at least 2 teams.



    Porsche F1, with Mark Webber as lead driver


    Prisoner Monkeys

    With the new regulations coming in 2014, what new teams would you like to see on the grid?

    To be perectly honest, none.

    Don’t get me wrong; I’m all for new teams in the sport. But it’s now the end of April, and there simply isn’t enough time to get a team up and running.



    I dunno about teams. but Giancarlo Minardi is ‘pretty sure’ that Toyota are returning as engine suppliers in 2014…


    Prisoner Monkeys

    Something seems to have been lost in translation, there. The Italian media has been reporting that Minardi has heard rumours that they will enter as an engine supplier. The English media has misconstructed this to mean that that they are entering as an engine supplier and that Minardi will have a role in their programme.



    2014 sounds too soon at this point indeed. I’d like to see new constructors and engines being reeled in with the new regulations, though. Honda and Toyota are welcome as engine suppliers, I don’t think the world economy has restored well enough to warrant a new works F1 team from any car builder to be honest, although @spinmastermic‘s idea to have Alfa Romeo back in F1 sounds pretty cool.

    I’d like to see BMW and perhaps Porsche/VW enter as engine supplier, as well as an American brand. Ford had a pretty good run, but perhaps an American talent in a Toro Rosso, with a Chrysler or Dodge engine would reel in some more US viewers.

    I’d mostly like to see engine suppliers getting closer to the teams they’re working with, like in the late 90s, early 00s. Perhaps not as much exclusive deals, but a team like Sauber or Force India could really benefit from working with a top of the line engine builder.


    R.J. O’Connell

    I’d just like to see a new non-factory team that can actually be successful out of the gate the way Jordan and Sauber were. I’m disappointed Marussia and Caterham still aren’t there to be honest.



    @rjoconnell Jordan and Sauber had experience in other series before entering F1. Jordan ran in F3000 in the late 80s, Sauber ran Mercedes’ sportscar program, which also led to the ‘concept by Mercedes’ engine branding on early Saubers in F1. While both Caterham/Lotus and Marussia/Virgin did originally start out as bids by F3 teams, I doubt their involvement was that great by early 2010 and modern F3 teams hardly compare in infrastructure and experience to F3000 and Sportscar teams in the 80s.

    If there were to be a new team who has a shot at success right from the start, it would have to be a group which is currently involved in high-level autosport, preferably with a large infrastructure and experience in things as design, R&D, etc. Something like Prodrive, or perhaps Joest Racing.



    It’s not enough time for a team to be established.


    Force Maikel

    @prisoner-monkeys I agree with you that it is already to late to get a team up and running for 2014, but what if customer cars could become allowed back into F1 do your thing they might stand a chance? I don’t know what your stand is on customer cars though


    Prisoner Monkeys

    I don’t think customer cars will happen. Or that they should.

    And even if they were introduced tomorrow, it’s still probably too late to do anything for 2014. It’s not just a case of getting the cars – any team using them will need a base, people to run the team, a means to transport themselves around, and so on and so forth. That’s not something you could get done in the eight months between now and 2014.



    Customer cars would take a few years as a minimum to implement.
    Firstly, the politics would have to be sorted out, which would take quite a long time.
    Secondly, the teams that will be supplying the cars will need to effectively double the size of their production departments. While extra machinery is expensive, it’s also fairly easy to scale up. Skilled technicians, on the other hand, aren’t. The top teams (the ones who will be expected to be suppliers) are already working at full capacity, because they are constantly working on new parts. Any surplus production capacity is already absorbed by creating more and more parts. The teams also wouldn’t be willing to compromise development production (ie. the fabrication of prototype and new parts) to facilitate customer cars, as that may put them off the pace, and then they’ll risk losing the customers.


    Boxcar Racer

    Whatever happened to Scorpion F1? they seemed quite keen have had since the turn of the year to put together a decent bid.


    Piotr Koteryl

    I quite enjoyed having 24 cars on the grid for the last couple of years, so it made me sad to see the field reduced by two, although the loss of HRT was never going to be a world-shaking event. It would have been nice to see another team step up in time to take its position, but it just wasn’t going to happen.

    In an ideal world, with customer cars etc, and large grids (possibly with reduced entry costs for these customer teams), we would see something a bit like this:

    Red BullToro Rosso…as it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be…
    FerrariAlfa Romeo (I thought I would expand on @spinmastermic ‘s idea there)
    MercedesForce India…with McLaren rumoured to be moving away from Mercedes power, Force India changes allegiance to the Mercedes Works team, and becomes a ‘Junior Programme’ testing ground.
    McLarenHonda…McLaren becomes the flagship team for the Honda engines in 2015 (or whenever it happens), and Honda set up a symbiotic relationship with McLaren – they provide the engines, McLaren provide the cars.
    Porsche?Marussia…VW Group buys into this team and makes them their customer

    I don’t know precisely how all of that would work, and there would probably be lots of interconnecting links and/or politics which would make this list completely impossible. However, it’s an idea…little more.

    The concept of having more teams in the field is exciting for me, and particularly if the ‘customer teams’ are able to bring new and exciting talent into the top tier of F1, making it more competitive.

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