New Fernando Alonso video

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    Benjamin Allison

    Could everyone have a look at a new Fernando Alonso video I’ve just finished.


    Please tell me what you think of it!



    Would’ve like to see more of his Renault and McLaren days as well as Ferrari, but it was very well edited and a nice little montage.



    That’s pretty good, maybe it could have done with a bit more from his earlier career, as @alehud42, but overall I liked it. :)



    You got some nice slow motion shots to go with the senna score in the background.. and I like the feel of the video. But you could have taken more of his memorable footage from his Renault and Mclaren days to complete the video. As an Alonso fan, I thought it didn’t capture some of his greatest and lowest moments.

    Nonetheless.. good job on the video.



    Its actually really impressive you captured the best moments of his Ferrari career but it could have shown more of his Minardi, Renault and Mclaren days, It could have also shown some of the contreversial moments of his career because they are part of the Alonson story which divides so many people, you either love or hate him.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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