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    I just thought I´d share this… seems the Spanish press is already drawing conclusions as to what the new ferrari might look like!




    It seems they´re keeping the pull rod suspension but in a different configuration as to help with settings and managing the tyres. The side pods will be redesigned in order to put the radiators in a more horizontal position and it seems that they will use a similar type of duct a-la-redbull that channels the air to the diffusor right after the sidepod.

    I don´t know about you guys but it looks very nice in my opinion!



    Interesting. So they think they’ll be going completely in Red Bull’s direction at the rear of the car with a similar passive F-duct system and the ramp exhaust set up. Only a week to go until they launch it, it’ll be fascinating to see what they come up with!



    I hope it’s fast straight out of the box! Can’t wait till testing starts!



    If I understand correctly, the article sums up hoe Ferrari has coped with the key areas of the car, namely exhaust, stepped nose, front suspension and sidepods (shape and radiator position). The image featured in the article is probably an artist’s interpretation of what the car will look like with these changes. The coke-bottle shape looks a little extreme to my eyes, as does the exhaust (I would be very surprised if the exhaust would look anything like that).



    Very intriguing, They release these every year at about this time and it almost never looks like what is actually is produced. There impression looks very racy however, Nice Find.




    (I would be very surprised if the exhaust would look anything like that).

    I would to since I thought I had read somewere that the cars would only have one exhaust exiting down the middle of the car and straight back to the rear wing…



    Hmmm, I see ;)



    @jb The new V6 turbo engines used from 2014 onwards will have 1 exhaust, not next year’s cars. Read…



    Yeah you´re right…. sorry about that @roald and @andae23 , seems I had a brain fart…. I just am a little bit too interested in the turbo engine right now because of Keith´s recent article…
    And I also agree with what @goferrari has said…. I hope it´s a firecracker out of the box!!! Feb 1 cannot come soon enough!!!!

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