No favouritism at Red Bull?

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    Try telling that to their marketing team. Multi-packs of Red Bull are currently on promotion at Tesco, and every single pack has Vettel on the front. I have yet to see a Webber pack.



    Ned Flanders

    Well I doubt very much that Red Bull the drink’s company has any real influence on Red Bull Racing, so I wouldn’t read too much into that. Presumably it just means that Vettel is more marketable than Webber, which is hardly a great surprise



    Ned RBR racing are 100% owned by the drinks company and it is their main pr bus. I think you can read a lot into it. Nothing happens concerning F1 by accident(excuse the pun).



    Especially as you would think that currently there would be little to choose marketing-wise between Seb and Maaahk.


    Ned Flanders

    I know the Red Bull top dogs like Dietrich Mateschitz have a say at RBR, but I don’t think the vast majority of people on the commercial side are in any way connected to the team. Their job isa to find someone who’s going to sell more cans, and presumably that man is Vettel.

    That said, I’m not denying that Red Bull favour Vettel!


    sbl on tour

    had the bins trained on the red bull hospitality after practice, spotted , bernie, vettel, dc and marko, having a right old chin wag , hugs and kisses all round, didnt see mr webber anywhere around!

    sbl on tour



    Pretty sure it’s just because Vettel is a lot more marketable. I mean how many young girls watch F1 purely because of Vettel, and by default they all buy every can of Red Bull they come across. Imagine how well cans sell with Sebs face on haha.

    Not saying at all that Red Bull don’t favour Vettel, either on purpose or subconsciously but this is hardly proof is it?


    sbl on tour

    course it aint, but it was funny!

    sbl on tour



    I doubt that Redbull’s drink company has influence at all.

    Mateschitz wants wins and promotion from the F1, and he also know that the controversy and ‘bad’ publicity are good. The name redbull get’s spoken about.. that’s what you want. These days, bad publicity is a pretty darn good thing for a company. It’s free and it works for some reason :)

    He is a very happy man when he browses F1 websites!



    Or that it’s the fact that Vettel is much more marketable than Webber. People that actually buy the drink are more likely going to support Vettel than Webber.



    The drinks side won’t have any influence probably but it does show the level of warmth they have for Seb. Mark’s there on a year on year basis (he is quite fit so stick him on a can any day) but he’s the present while they’re looking to make Seb build up a relationship with RBR maybe like Ferrari and Schumi.

    It’ll nearly always be fair with Mark but they clearly love Seb and that will help Vettel feel more confident with the racing team. Just my opinion anyway



    I noticed this too!

    Maybe they only show Vettel in Europe. Maybe someone from down under could enlighten us to whether Mark is used there?



    Just like Ferrari Red Bull have choose their number 1 who is Vettel but the the difference they give Webber’s wing to him where Ferrari gives Massa’s win to Alonso.



    Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t Mark actually hate the taste of Red Bull? I’m sure it’s one of their (possibly former) drivers.



    Their cola’s pretty good. Way better than the Coca Cola you can get here in the US that’s all made with nasty tasting corn syrup instead of sugar.

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