Number of DRS activations per lap

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    Not in the races, of course. How many times have drivers activated DRS during their qualifying laps this year and how many will it be at other tracks? That’s what I’ve come up with so far:

    Australia – 8

    Malaysia – 7 (or could be 8, if used between the slow, almost 180 degrees left-hander, followed by late-apex mid-speed right-hander, not entirely sure)

    China – 6

    Turkey – 6

    What about other tracks? Where will it be at the highest number, where at the lowest?

    Looks like it’ll be a lot at Hungary and Singapore. I’m also wondering whether the drivers will dare use it before Loews in Monaco!



    Canada-6, but with 2 long straights.



    the run into Loews is pretty short, I don’t think it would make much difference.



    I don’t think there’s enough time. It’ll probably give a few thousandths, but what with upshifting, downshifting, braking, etc. they’ll end up in the wall.



    Singapore has a few straightish bits where I think the likes of Red Bull will use the DRS as much as possible, but I can’t think of as many in Monaco. So, I’d guess Monaco would have the fewest. Monaco has a narrow track, bumpiness and elevation changes too which would all put drivers off DRS I reckon.



    Although that being said, with the high-downforces used on these street circuits, the DRS will probably have a much greater effect in terms of reduction of drag so the drivers may push their luck with it.



    For the remaining tracks and where I’d be guessing:

    Spain: 6

    Monaco: 8

    Canada: 6

    Europe: 6

    Great Britian: 7

    Germany: 7

    Hungary: 8

    Belguim: 8

    Italy: 6

    Singapore: 7

    Japan: 5

    Korea: 5

    India: 6

    Abu Dhabi: 7

    Brazil: 5

    We’ve seen so far that any little straight the drivers are all over the DRS button. Will be interesting too whether through certain corners some cars e.g Red Bull, will keep the DRS activated, I’m thinking Eu Rougue, 130R, Turns 8,9 at Nurburgring, even Copse?



    How on earth did you come up with 8 for Monaco? Did you include the zone between Tabac and the swimming pool?



    Turn 19 till Turn 1

    Turn 1 till Turn 3

    Turn 4 till Turn 5

    Turn 5 till Turn 6

    Turn 8 till Turn 10

    Turn 11 till Turn 12

    Turn 12 till Turn 13

    Turns 16 till Turn 18

    yeah probably a bit opptismistic some of those. Who knows how daring some of the drivers will be



    Singapore should be interesting. An optimistic count is at least 10 DRS activations: T3-5 (Republic Boulevard), exit of T5 (Raffles Boulevard), exit of T7, exit of T8, exit of T9, exit of T13 (Esplanade Drive), exit of T14 (Raffles ave.), exit of T17, exit of T21 and S/F straight. The left-right-left at T7-9 might not be a DRS zone as the driving line goes from one side of the road to the other, but otherwise you can use it pretty much everywhere.

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