One-hit wonder F1 teams

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    Lucas Wilson

    Just thought i’d make a little discussion. Some teams win all the time (Red Bull, McLaren, Ferrari), but some have, only once, been able to muster up the stratagy, the car and the driver to win a grand prix.

    P.S. I’ll do drivers in a few day’s :-)

    To start you off. Stewart GP’s only win was at the 1999 European GP at the Nurburgring: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Vgr2IzDdzY



    There have been a few lately
    Jenson Button – Honda – Hungaroring 2006
    Robert Kubica – BMW – Canada 2008
    Sebastian Vettel – Scuderia Toro Rosso – Monza 2008

    On a similar note: Brawn GP, was a team that existed only 1 year and still managed to win both WC titles.



    I guess we can put Olivier Panis’ win in Monaco for Ligier up here, since at that point it really wasn’t the original Ligier anymore. That was also their first win in 15 years so I think it qualifies for this.



    Maldonado and Williams in Spain, Hunt and Hesketh in 1975 (Holland?)



    After some Wikipedia research:

    Dan Gurney – Porsche – Rouen-Les-Essarts 1962
    Dan Gurney – Eagle – Spa 1967
    John Watson – Penske – Österreichring 1976
    Alan Jones – Shadow – Österreichring 1977



    Fisichella, Brazil 2003

    Dan Gurney – Eagle – Spa 1967

    Strongly disagree with that one: the Eagle was very quick all year, but usually the engine failed. This makes the Spa victory look like a stand-out performance, but the real surprise is that the car remained in once piece.


    sbl on tour

    austria 75, the monza gorilla, march, austria 76 john watson, penske,austria 77 jones, shadow
    monaco 72 beltoise, brm



    Brackley has generally been a one-hit team, 2009 being the only exception.

    In recent memory, I’d say that Fisichella’s Brazil 2003 win was one of the biggest flukes in history. Especially given that apart from that one win, Jordan only scored twice more, and a total of 3 additional points.



    Force India the other year, surprise pole and lead at Spa and did well at Monza.
    most years they are just averagely poor



    Brawn GP was epic.
    One season – bam! – constructors and drivers champions and then they were history.

    (Not even the Honda money and development can spoil the romance!)

    Agree that Force India was pretty special in 2009 at Spa, that pole and podium came from nowhere !

    Also Jarno Trulli only got one win in his F1 career, at the 2004 Monaco GP.



    Fisichella at Brazil 2003 – I’d disagree with this (if you take into account the whole 15 years of the teams existence). Jordan was competing for the drivers’ world championship just a few years before (in 1999).



    Nico Rosberg’s win for Mercedes in China – nobody’s mentioned that yet. But it’s a proper one-hit win – one of those where, as the season wore on, you thought “where did that come from?”

    Mercedes doesn’t act or “feel” like the same team as Brawn or Honda/BAR/whatever it was called when Button won that wet race in Hungary. (Or, since they bought Tyrrell, the team that won with Jackie Stewart and Michele Alboreto…) And I’m not having any links with Fangio and Moss in the 50s…

    Who’s next? I guess the most likely is Nico Hulkenberg, who could wipe out Sauber’s one-hit record (or establish a new one, if you want to look at it that way)…



    Ahh Stewart GP. The classic ‘one hit wonder’. They managed only one as Stewart, changed their name to Jaguar and still got nothing and then the last I heard they had gone and changed their name again to that of one of those new-fangled ‘energy’ fizzy drinks.

    I wonder what ever happened to them after that…

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