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    Race engine Sportmanager


    What is expected of a good motor Sportmanager? We have found a very balanced and realistic combination however to have a very high level of play.

    Each season consists of 17 races and runs 61 days. After the start of the season, there is a race every three days. In the meantime have sponsors sought and found and driver with ten differentiated and partly oblige trainierbare handling characteristics. The car is made from 16 parts of four development groups (aerodynamics, stability, behaviour and performance). For the development of these parts you need engineers and designers as well as to repair mechanics.-team depending on expenses you can very quickly develop a competitive vehicle. But you should be on the finances you have infinite money cannot be used. Forget not should also, bringing together its tires, and motor vehicle as a complete package. In a well-developed vehicle with suitable tyres, engine and the correct driver, you can successfully pass the race weekend.

    The race weekend is the core of the game. Here everyone wants to bring its benefits from the development and preparation for the road. The race weekend consists of two days. The training and qualifications is on the first day. In practice, you must first find the right setup for the route. Here you can test four properties (front wing, wing, suspension, and gear ratio) using the driver to the perfect balance. After you find the Setup for the route, can you go in the qualification and to contend with the opponent to the pole position. Before the race, you must define yet strategy of changing tyres. The live race can you track then the race. Here, each round is calculated and the spacing change from round to round. Race failures and accidents are possible, so that you dont know the exact result until the last round. Here, stress is to guarantee the target flag.


    Carlos Santos

    Is it available in English?



    Looks pretty cool, but I don’t know enough german to get beyond signing up for an account.



    Play it in Chrome, it translates on the fly.. :) Or at least the first few pages did.



    I’m using Chrome, but I can’t get it to translate the actual game itself.



    :( Chrome / Sportmanager #fail



    I have been playing with developing a manager sim in silverlight myself. The big hold back has been the realistic simulation of on track events. While its reasonable I would never put it out there unless the pit wall element (its the gps view of the track) worked very realistically. Its in a pretty good state at the moment but the tuning of dirty air dynamics is taking some time.



    Did’nt work for me in Chrome either…. :(

    When it comes to mananager sims I’m pretty demanding and their aint that many good F1 manager sims out there. F1’s a complicated subject so covering all the bases is hard.

    But I’ve gotta say I’ve been playing PitWall for just over a month now and I’m pretty impressed.


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