Other sports (which don't involve wheels)

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    Ned Flanders

    … and yes I can make an exception for cycling and skateboarding!

    So, we all love motor racing. Given that we’re on a site called F1 Fanatic that probably isn’t much of a surprise. But I thought there ought to be a thread for us all to ramble on about our other passions in life. So, what other sports do you like? Football? Cricket? Basketball? Tennis? Skiing? Bullfighting? Tiddlywinks?

    I personally am a very big football fan, and I support the mighty Newcastle United, my local team (‘cos I ain’t no glory seeker). Other than that I’m no more than a casual observer of other sports. I follow the Ashes, Six Nations, Australian Open etc quite closely without ever sitting down to watch them.

    And when it comes to actually playing sports I’m terrible unfortunately :( I put it down to a combination of talentlessness and laziness


    Lee Harrison

    I’m also a huge football fan, support Aston Villa. Apart from that I have casual interests in tennis and cricket, and I watched the Super Bowl the other day and enjoyed that so I’ll probably make more effort to watch American Football lol.


    sbl on tour

    conkers and tiddlywinks!



    Also a very big Footy fan, supporting The Arsenal. I dont really follow other sports but will watch International Rugby matches when its England and il keep an eye open for other English/British sportsmen (Ashes/Tennis/Olympics etc) but its nothing major.



    Football – I’m a Tottenham fan. I watch Premier League, I usually watch all Tottenham matches plus some other interesting ones (like Man City – Man Utd tomorrow), Champions league (1/8 final and onwards), and World cup/Euro cup.

    Alpine skiing – Most of the matches in world cup/world championship).

    Basketball – World cup/Euro cup, sometimes NBA playoffs.

    Tennis – Grand slam finals and occasionaly semi-finals.

    Ski cross – Haven’t watched it since Vancouver, but will if there’s anything on TV.


    Ned Flanders

    Ahhh Ski Cross was amazing! I’ll probably not watch it again until Sochi 2014 mind but it was very exciting

    Lee- I’ve always been put off ny American football because of everything that seems to go around the sport itself. Y’know, the cheerleaders, constant advert breaks during coverage, the way the players go on with all their daft war stripes etc. It seems to veer more towards entertainment than sport as far as I can tell. I’m sure the actual sport itself would be fine if I knew the rules



    I’ll be honest I am not the biggest fan of football, however I am partial to the ocassional plymouth argyle game, and will continue to be until they eventually go bankrupt in the next few weeks. I do like watching cricket and ocassionally golf with a splash of cycling on the side. I will watch pretty much any olympic sport. However, I am mainly a die-hard motorsport man.

    Thanks to newcastle btw for simultaneously getting promoted the premier league while relegating us to league 1 in the space of 90 minutes.



    During the winter I follow Biathlon, but that’s probably because I grew up and lived in countries where it is has a huge following.


    Stephen Jones

    boardercross/skicross is possibly the 2nd best sport in the world.

    same here.. i havn’t watched it since vancouver.

    they should publicise the world championship more! the following would be crazy



    Other than motorsport I am actually quite a big fan of AFL (Australian Football League) and Tennis. Although I am Australian I can’t stand Cricket and not a big fan of football (soccer) either.

    I dont know what Skicross is but looks like I might have to look it up.



    Big fan of American sports. Well, baseball is only that great in person, if you have an afternoon to kill with some mates and basketball can often be boring before the last quarter. I’ve found a new appreciation for rugby, I don’t know half of the rules but then it’s so fast-paced and confusing when something happens I don’t see it anyway, same with American Football It’s the “other stuff” Ned was on about that makes me love it (not necessarily the cheerleaders, before you say anything!), the attention to detail into making it a show.

    I like football but can never get into it as a big fan, my biggest enthusiasm is for the tables, working out where people can finish and the like.



    Football, Tennis, Skiing.


    Lee Harrison

    Ned – Yeah I kinda agree, for the Super Bowl when I saw someone catch the ball then celebrate that they’d one I was very confused, but the sheer spectacle of huge Americans smashing into other ones made it pretty fun, and to be fair they know how to put on a show.



    I tend to watch the big matches. I don’t follow the sports religiously like F1 but I watch The World Cup, Champions League final, Super Bowl, Wimbledon etc.

    Got into Darts a few weeks ago. Crofty commentating too. Win.



    Football (kinda) as a Spurs fan, I dip in and out when it suits. Not having Sky TV, i like to watch football when it crops up on regular TV, like the FA cup rounds, Champs League and the World Cup/Euros.

    Other than that, not really. I’ll watch a bit of Wimbledon when it’s on, same goes for bits and pieces of athletics.

    Oh… darts can be a good laugh for a little while, and for some reason I can’t fathom, I find snooker is quite compelling.

    Couldn’t give a toss about most sports though.

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