Overtaking under yellow flags

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    Seeing the Kovalainen/Perez on Sunday, and other bits and pieces in the past, I’m slightly bemused by exactly when the overtaking under yellow flags rule is applied.

    From what MB/DC were saying, the point at issue was whether Perez got his nose in front of Kovalainen before the point of the green flag or after it. The implication of this is that you can be alongside a driver under the yellow flag zone ready to sneak in front just afterwards and you won’t be penalised, because the overtake was completed outside the yellow flag zone to me.

    If my reading is right, that seems wrong – you can still jockey for position under a yellow flag, which to my mind is just as dangerous as actually succeeding in overtaking. I’d have thought the rule would have been that you must follow line astern (as behind the safety car) under yellow flags.

    Can anyone clarify this for me?


    Alianora La Canta

    The rule is that you must slow down, be prepared to stop and cannot overtake. So if you jockey for position at low speed and do not lose control of your car at any point, the “nose in front after the first green flag” is indeed the rule.

    It’s not necessarily safe though.

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