Pass of the year – 2012 Abu Dhabi GP

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    Any takers on any?



    Alonso on Webber. He used every inch of the track, and made the absolute most of the opportunity.



    Vettel on Button. Very fair racing from the pair, and summed up Vettel’s ability to take advantage from almost any situation.



    Alonso squeezing past Webber early on. Proper wheel-to-wheel scary stuff.



    Alonso on Webber on the first lap.



    Given the circumstances, Vettel on Button was exceptional.

    Alonso on Webber was also a great strategic move.



    Alonso on Webber for me. Vettel’s pass on Button was good but he did have the advantage of being on fresh options compared to Button’s old primes.



    Rosberg on Karthikeyan…oh wait

    In all seriousness Alonso on Webber for me. Edge of seat, proper wheel-to-wheel action. Vettel on Button was also good too but as said above Seb did have a tyre advantage.



    What tyre advantage? Vettel’s tyres may have been a bit fresher and softer, but with the marginal difference between the two compounds and the slow degradation, there can’t have been a huge difference; maybe in a series of corners, but they were on a straight, so maybe he could brake a few meters later, but that’s hardly enough to overtake someone. If you also take the potential importance of the move into account, you can only conclude that it was a great move.



    Vettel was on old tires on Button; he used the only fresh set he had left when he was forced to throw his tire strategy out the window behind the first safety car.



    Vettel’s tyres may have been used (in which case he would have done 1 hot lap on them in qualy), but he still had a tyre advantage. The simple fact that his tyres were *newer* means he had more grip. Add to that that he had softer tyres, he meant he had even more grip than Button. Also, necrodethmortem, they surely were on a straight – but newer tyres also allow you to brake later – which is exactly what Vettel did.

    Having said all this, I thought the Vettel-Button move was good but not extraordinary.
    Alonso’s on Webber, on the other hand, was proper hardcore stuff.



    Alonso on Webber. No DRS, super-late on the brakes, did well to not run into Maldonado. He was doing the same thing on the first lap in India, with the McLarens. It makes me wonder if some drivers would do better than others without the aid of their artificial overtaking devices.



    Alonso on Webber super late braking and after he passed Webber went into the inside nicely and avoided Maldonado.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    Alonso passing Webber, if only for that phenomenal shot from Webber’s front wing looking back at the wheel.


    Aditya Banerjee

    Vettel had a huge tyre advantage and should have actually passed Button a lot earlier. But the move in itself was quite good. Alonso on Webber was the pass of the day for me. He’s probably the only driver who passes other top cars on lap1,where drivers are generally not very aggressive.

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