Pass of the Year: 2012 Brazilian Grand Prix

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    Keith Collantine

    It’s time for our last instalment of Pass of the Year.

    Make your nominations for the best pass of the Brazilian Grand Prix below and we’ll have the final poll for Pass of the Year on the site in the 2012 season review.


    Jonny C

    Raikkonnen on Schumacher through the Senna S, was breathtaking how close they were. Amazing skills



    Alonso’s move on Webber and Massa; either that or Raikkonen’s move on Schumacher.



    The same as @kingshark , that move from Alonso was the best. Although with some help from Felipe.



    The one thing I didn’t like about Alons’s overtake is that Massa seemed to slow Webber a lot. Otherwise, it reminded me of Häkkinen on Schumacher.

    But I preferred Kimi’s move on Schumacher. Absolute finesse from both drivers. You could have had just about anybody else in that situation, and it would have resulted in a crash. Millimetre-perfect judgement.



    Kimi on Michael from the outside of turn 1 through the Senna S! Brilliant professional driving from both.

    An extra point because Michael had overtaken Kimi at the same spot in 2006 from the inside then.



    What about a mension about kobayashi’s pass on pic into turn 3 and the pass on Vettel on turn 1. The where he tries to mas Micheal was a epic failed attempted. :)



    Raikkonen on Schumacher at the Senna S.
    Epic stuff.



    Kimi on Schumi….closely followed by Alonso on Massa and Webber.

    Actually, I am also forgetting Massa! His start was awesome, his overtake round the outside of Kobayashi I think it was….that was pretty awesome and also his pass on DiResta?



    @asanator Oh, Massa over DiResta!!! It made me remember that pass over Senna at Singapore.



    Definitely Raikkonen of Schumacher. He needed to be on the edge all the way on the outside of the first corner to position himself well for the second part of the Senna S. That was the second hardest part of it. The hardest was to nail the braking point to get into that ’round-the-corner’ position, which I described above.

    Massa on di Resta comes a strong second. Opportunistic move, but also had to be aware of the braking point – but from then on, it was fairly straightforward for me and did not include an additional challenge like Raikkonen’s ride on the outside of the first corner.

    Alonso’s double-pass on Massa and Webber was spectacular, was more or less the same challenge as Massa’s on di Resta though, so that does no beat Raikkonen’s either.



    Raikonnen on Schumacher for me, no question.



    Kimi on Schumacher – classy driving by both of those guys.



    2 standout passes this race..
    Raikkonen on Schumi – Definitely deserves a nomination considering how well both drivers kept it, and Kimi and Schumi aren’t 2 drivers known for their Mr Nice Guy tactics..

    Alonso’s ‘The Flying Finn-esque’ pass on Massa/Webber.. Almost certainly orchestrated by Ferrari, but that doesn’t take much away from it, it was a move that at the time got Alonso the championship, and looked like Alonso taking every opportunity given to him…



    Raikkonen’s move on Schumacher – A brilliant display of skill, guts, experience and respect for the adversary. I give equal credit to both since both were going wheel to wheel, dancing on the edge grip with complete trust in each other to play it fair.
    It was by far the best in a race which was filled with breathtaking overtakes in treacherous conditions.
    Agreed, there were a fair share of silly moves too from the best in the business. But altogether, the variable conditions coupled with the emotional significance of the race for a few, made them go for broke on more than one occasion. Makes one realize how brilliant a race could be if everyone thought that this was their final race (of the season) and raced out of their skins.
    Sorry to have veered away from the subject. Massa’s move on Di Resta comes a close second for me. But the old guards take the top spot for me. Extra points for Kimi, since Michael had passed him on the same spot in his previous farewell race (2006) as pointed out by @sumedhvidwans

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