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    sbl on tour

    10th place, good on yer mate


    I never took you for a Christian.



    I’m not sure about his performance today. I wish he’d finished in Monaco, because it could have been the turning point. But to be honest, he didn’t really impress me with 10th.



    I prefered Jerome’s 17th



    I thought he gave a good solid drive for tenth even if it wasn’t as eye catching as his Monaco performance. However, at the end of the day no-one will remember this GP as being the one where Pastor got his point it’ll always be the weekend where he drove into Hamilton’s car apparently in a temper.



    It was a bit of an open goal for Williams to grab a point. Both Toro Rossos and a McLaren out early, one Renault and at least one each of the Saubers and Force Indias delayed by damage.

    Arguably he was kept out of trouble at the first corner by his five-place penalty. I still think that was ridiculously lenient and he should be sitting out Monza. What he did was more dangerous than changing a gearbox…and while Hamilton’s reprimand could (in theory) be totted up to make a race ban, Maldonado’s now in the clear?!



    I don’t understand why they never showed an on-board of Kobayashi or Maldonado. In both cases I only saw Hamilton, which sometimes only gives half the story.


    I read somewhere this weekend that FOM only have a maximum of about 9 or so onboards active at any one time or something like that. It makes sense that they use about 5 of those 9 on all the different cameras on Hamilton’s car, that way they are guaranteed to capture an incident at some point! :P



    I really didn’t like his interview after qualifying with the BBC, he dodged questions and looked quite evil!

    Well done for getting a point though, Williams for the constructors!



    Correct Magffrey. I had a long conversation with Martin Haven a few months ago and he said most of the reason behind FOM only being able to stream so many onboards is because the servers they have can’t handle more than that amount at once. I suggested upgrading their equipment, but he never got back to me on that. Now that I know a lady actually employed by FOM, I’m spending a lot of time tactfully hinting at it! :P

    Edit: But out of interest, where’d you read that? I need all of the information I can get because it’s one aspect of F1 that intrigues me.


    Stephen Jones

    also, here’s an article (i’m digging pretty deep here!) about the World Karting Championships, that require every single driver (over 80!) to have an On-Board camera installed..


    this is grass-roots motorsport, and the FIA-CIK can see all the on-boards! F1 should surely be able to do it!



    Cheers for that Magffrey and Damon. Not having a server to cope is a pretty pathetic reason. Sometimes I don’t understand how such a backwards organisation can control aspects of the most technical sport.

    I like to believe that the reason a lot of technologies are banned isn’t for any logical reason, but because the FIA can’t understand them and hence deem them to be ‘black magic.’

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